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Best Quiet Air Compressor Reviews

Are you looking for a best quiet air compressor? We have a solution to your search. In the past, air compressors were especially known to be too noisy. It would create inconvenience of the family members and neighbors. So, the idea of a quiet air compressor would seem to be a fantasy to many people. … Read more

Viair 40047 400P RV Automatic Air Compressor Kit Review

Before starting with the review, I would like to say something about RV tires. We all know, RV tires build with extra protection and need 100-150 PSI which normal air compressor cannot provide. Therefore, if you have Viair 40047 400P-RV portable compressor kit, you do not need to worry about that. Because it takes not more than 7 minutes to inflates your tire with 150 PSI. Want to know the price. Please click below. Now let us see some other exceptionality of this product. Solid structure: The Viair 40047 400P-RV made of stainless steel with the soft padded handles. It’s very nice and comparatively small in shape. In addition, there is a tray on the bottom of the compressor for protection, So that, you can place this anywhere either smooth or rough surface area. Required accessories: Here in Viair 40047 400P-RV electric compressor, you will get a maximum number of accessories. Consequently, By thinking the necessary equipment’s you may need some accessory along with compressor. So, it provides: Inflation gun Hose- 30-foot Hose extension- 30-foot Sandy tray Dual adjusted battery clamps Power cable-8-foot User manual Fuse holder. Pressure extent gauge So, do not you want to get these extra accessories? Please click on the link for price details. Lovely bag: The carry bag is made coolly with several pockets. Hence, you will get separate pockets for 60-foot hoses and compressor machine. Though you will feel a bit rugged and it is ok with size. I mean, you can easily fit every equipment in the bag. Automatic ON/ OFF switch: Now you will be amazed by seeing Viair 40047 400P RV switching system. It works automatically. That means, you can ON the switch anytime but when the compressor reaches up to 150 PSI, the switch will automatically stop. So, you never have to think about the damaging problem because of overvoltage. This way, you can save the air hose too. Quick measuring inline gauge: Usually, other tire inflators will not provide exact air pumping rate. Although you will see in the manual, practically it will not provide accurate measurements. But Viair 40047 400P RV completes this requirement perfectly with its inline gauge. The inline gauge calculates the air pressure faultlessly within a short time. That means, it can take the accurate reading. Alligator clamps and power cable: For battery connection, you have to use clamps, and Viair 40047 400P RV has excellent alligator clamps. You can directly connect to the battery with this clamps. This model also provides 12 V power with 2.3CFM. Furthermore, for power connection, it has an 8-foot long power cable. Although it is not larger but ok to use it. Pros: Quick filling up the tires. The supportive trigger to measure the air pressure. The machine takes a reasonable time to cool down. Hassle-free switching system. Portable and durable. It is only 18 pounds. 30 feet further hose extension with the package. 30 foot + 30 foot= 60 foot hose coil. Cons: If you need more air storage, then this is not for you. You can choose any tank related products. Cigarette lighter not supported. Do not touch the compressor as soon after use. It may cause burning sensation A little pricey. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S): Question: Is there on-board air (pressure measuring kit) attach with this? Answer: No. Question: Can I use it without power connection? Answer: No. you need to plug into the electrical connection. Question: What is the warranty? Answer: 1-year but only for manufacturing defect. Question: What is the battery capacity? Answer: 12V. Question: Are all accessories included with the air compressor? Answer: Yes. Compressor and compressor kits are all in this package. Question: What is the exact size of this air compressor? Answer: 14 x 10 x 15.2 inches with 18 pounds total weight. Final Verdict: So, what is your view? Have you already decided to order Viair 40047 400P RV Automatic Portable Compressor? I assume you are. Though I have mentioned earlier, you will feel a bit costly but your all pain will get over after you use it once. Because only this compressor has automatic switch option which can save your full cost of buying another one. So, without delay, please click mentioned link.

Do you have Viair 40047 400P RV portable compressor for your RV tire? At present all car owners like to have their air compressor. So, if you are looking compressor for self-use, you can certainly choose Viair 40047 400P RV. I assume you haven’t got any suitable one for your car. Therefore, I suggest you pick this model … Read more