HOOVER Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner, FH50251

This carpet cleaner saves your cost and works better than professional workers. When rotating brushes scrub, you need to drive this product slowly.


It’s a good machine. A couple of tips for those interested

  • It’s tempting to think of it as a fancy vacuum cleaner. It’s not. It’s also not a magic dirt eraser. So, tip one is, “go slow.” In both directions. It works by having the rotating brushes scrub with the cleaning fluid. If you move as fast as you would with a vacuum cleaner, you lose the scrubbing action.
  •  As per the manual, dispense cleaner as you move forward, then drag it back without dispensing cleaner. I do that twice and then I pass over it three or four times without cleaner – get the carpet fairly dry (no liquid being sucked up) and then hit any missed spots again.
  • Don’t think it’s a good idea to hover over the ground in the dirt while dispensing liquid. Pass over it while dispensing once, dry it and then repeat. If you really soak it, you’re swirling a lot of dirty water around until you finally dry the spot. So, wet it, scrub, suck up the liquid and repeat as necessary.
  • I was disappointed at first – it seemed it wasn’t working. It also seemed it wasn’t mixing in enough cleaner. It uses about one tank of cleaner to four tanks of water. Once I slowed down and saw the water being sucked up was dirty, I knew it was working.
  • Use a pre-cleaner as suggested in the manual. It really does help.
  • Rinse when done the cleaning – turn the knob to “rinse” and pass over the cleaned areas a couple of times the same way as when using the cleaner. Think of it – you’ve just washed a dirty carpet and made dirty water. It’s not all going to be sucked up during the cleaning – it’s like washing a dirty towel and then simply wringing it out – it still has the dirt in it that was in the dirty water. Rinsing makes a really big difference and it’s very easy to do. Remember to turn the knob back to “wash” before cleaning again.

It’s too easy to not clean the carpet when it requires going to the store, renting the machine, using it as quickly as possible on all floors and then returning it. Owning the machine means I can do a “quick clean” periodically. I think that’s important after seeing how much dirt (and cat hair) is removed.



Just 2 Philips screws that attach the handle. Everything else snaps easily in place.

1st Water Tank – holds hot clean tap water. Also has a place for the cleaning solution to be poured into.
2nd Water Tank – picks up the dirty water. Machine shuts off automatically when you need to replace the water.

Carpet Miracle by Sunny & Honey – This carpet cleaning solution is far superior to Hoover’s (works better and smells great).


  • It can clean that dirt which sticks to surface.
  • Can dry carpet less than 45 minutes.
  • Obstructing odors and bacteria from constituting.
  • Large tank relieves you from refill tank frequently.
  • Carpets are washed with soap and water with the help of a Rinse Mode


  • Is included Deep Clean Mode.
  • Quick Clean Mode also incorporated.
  • The Antimicrobial SpinScrub Brush System makes your life healthy.
  • Rinse Mode also included


Doesn’t perform work so quickly

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