Suaoki G7 600A Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Review

One of my best friends was asking about different car batteries model last week. He was intended to get the latest model battery for his car. As because, he was quite bored of his old fashioned battery for big size.  So, I suggested him to look at Suaoki G7 600A Portable Car Jump Starter Battery booster . At first, he was surprised by seeing the size. How could a car battery be in this small size? However, I assured him it is not only a car battery charger but also an air compressor with LED light.

Yes, and I am here to explain you about the Suaoki 600A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter. Like my friend, I hope you are also amazed. But it is the truth. Suaoki 600A Car Jump Starter comes in 2.5 pounds around. It is also a multi –functional device with LED flashlights, laptop charger, and camera charger and so on.

So let us check more about Suaoki 600A Air Compressor from review section.

Suaoki G7 600A Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Review

As I told you before Suaoki g7 600a is a multi-tasking gadget. But mainly it works as a car jumper starter. But why do we need portable car jumper starter? Well, Have you ever imagine what will happen if your car got to stop in the middle of the long drive? Or, you may face any other incredible incidents because of less or no charge on your car. However, as we are running out of time always, so it is better to get ready with alternatives. And Suaoki 600A Jumper Pack is the best solution for you as a car battery charger.

Best Portable Car jump Starter!

Because Suaoki 600A Jumper Pack provides 18000mAh power. So, you can start any vehicles about 22 times with full charge. And you can use it for minimum 5L gas or 3.5L diesel engine vehicle. So, if you become stop on the way, do not worry. Because Suaoki Portable Car Jump Starter will take care the rest on the way.

Made of Exteme Tir-C Technology!

Suaoki Car Jump Starter made of TIR-C technology with elegant IC, USB port, master switch, jumper port, battery indicator, and warning light. That is why, you can use Suaoki g7 600a 18000mah  not as a jumper starter but also your charger of mobile, laptop, camera and other electronic devices.

Short -Circuit Protected Styliash Clamp!

Safely secured clamp structure made the Suaoki jump starter extraordinary. Because the clip is plastic protected. So, there is no possibility of getting short-circuit. When you connect the two clamps (+ve black and –ve red) ports with the car, an indicator light will glow automatically. By this, you can check the amount of power passing through the device. Thus it will help you to notify overvoltage and under voltage

Charger for All Electric Equipment!

Suaoki g7 600a 18000mah has almost every charging point that you needed. You will get 12V/16V/19V sockets, 2 USB ports, and 8 DC adapters. So, you can charge any digital devices along with your car. I hope, now you do not want to miss this all-in –one charger and leave an order now.

Super LED Flashlight!

Suaoki 600A Portable Car Jump Starter has made entirely user-friendly. To avoid lighting problem, it has 4 phase additional flashlight option. You can use in any mode (red, strobe, SOS, active) by just simply press on the start-up button. I guarantee you this will provide you sufficient light if the power bank charged fully.

Portable air compressor:

In Suaoki jump starter g7, the compressor is comparatively small. But believe me, you can pump or inflates anything (car tires, motorcycle wheel, truck tires) with it quickly. The compressor is also lightweight and portable. Even, house owners and storekeepers can also use in different vehicles.

Compact Case!

To save all the accessories from being damaging Suaoki jump starter g7 comes in an outer compact case. Inside the case, all the accessories are kept nicely in separate compartments. Do you know this amazing box made of EVA (E

thylene Vinyl Acetate)? It provides the extra durability with strong protection.

What will you get when you open the box?

Portable Car Jump Starter



Frequesntly Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

1. What is the total charging time of suaoki jump starter?

Answer: Approximately it will take 4. 5 hours for full charging.

2. What are the input powers available in this device?

Answer: you can apply both DC and Amp power input. For DC it is 15 Volt, and for Amp, it is 1A (3.0 x 2.0 mm).

3. What are the outpur powers?

Answer:  1. Dual USB, 2. DC 5V/2.1A, 12V/3.5A, 16V/3.5A, 19V/3.5A

4. Is the compressor work for big tires?

Answer: Definitely, it will. But after finish inflating you have to put it OFF for some time to avoid the heating condition.

5. Can i Charge my car speakers?

Answer: Yes. You can.

Final Verdict

Could you remember I have started with my friend’s situation? So, finally when I suggested him to buy Suaoki 600A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter, without considering the price he immediate ordered. Right now he is having 2 Suaoki g7 600a 18000mah and has solved all the charging issues him home as well as his office.

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