Best Vacuum for Tile Floor Review

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors, look no further. My guide will help to make the decision much easier and less time-consuming.

Tile floors are often a problem for vacuum cleaners because the surface has small spaces that can get clogged and cause suction problems. To help you find the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors, I have reviewed some of the best vacuum cleaners.

Many people choose to use a handheld vacuum cleaner or broom instead of an upright or canister type. This is due to their lightweight design, which makes it easier to maneuver around corners, furniture, and tight spaces without having to move things out of your way first. 

The 10 vacuums below include both upright and handheld models- with some being cordless as well. With so many choices, hopefully, one will be perfect for your needs!

What to Consider When Choosing Between the Best Vacuum for Tile Floors

When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, there are many factors that you need to consider before making your final choice. For one thing, different vacuums are designed for specific cleaning tasks as well as specific floor types. Because of this, it is essential to determine the type of carpet or rug you have first and then find the best vacuum cleaners that can handle them. But when shopping for a tile floor vacuum cleaner, here are some other considerations that should help in making an educated decision in choosing the right one.

Corded or Cordless – This is probably one of the most significant factors to consider. You’ll be surprised how powerful cordless vacuums can be, but the downside is they might lose power after a few hours of cleaning. On the other hand, corded vacuums are robust and can clean many messes without worrying about running out of battery power. Cordless vacuum cleaners, though, tend to be more expensive than their corded counterparts.

Type of surface –  Do you need a vacuum cleaner just for your tile floors, or will it also be used to clean rugs and carpets? This will help decide between an upright, canister, stick, handheld, or robotic vacuums.

Attachments – Some people may overlook this consideration, but what good is a vacuum cleaner if it doesn’t have the correct extensions? Look for specific features that will allow you to clean not only your tile floors but also other surfaces like upholstery, car interiors, stairs, and ceilings.

Airflow and Filtration –  Aside from choosing the right attachments, it is also essential to have a vacuum cleaner that offers sufficient suction and airflow. Airflow helps remove dirt and other debris from your carpet and tile floors, while filtration helps reduce allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet dander.

Airflows are measured by CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), representing how much air the machine can push out per minute, while micron filtration is measured. The lower the number of microns, the better job it will do in filtering some of those nasty allergens.

Most vacuums today come with HEPA filtrations system for ultimate protection against germs, but you should still be wary of cheap brands that claim to have HEPA filters but in reality, they are not.

 If you want a vacuum that can do an excellent job cleaning and help protect your family from these harmful allergens, you should check out our best HEPA vacuum cleaner reviews.

Storage – Aside from choosing between corded or cordless cleaners, another consideration is the storage capacity of a vacuum cleaner. If you’re only cleaning your tile floors occasionally and not planning to use them regularly, then you can get away with a smaller storage capacity. On the other hand, if you’re planning to use it more often, you should consider getting a bigger storage space to accommodate larger cleaning tasks.

Wireless or Not – Some people find corded vacuums compelling, but they don’t like the idea of being tied down by wires. This is understandable, and some would even prefer wireless cleaning tools over the old-fashioned wired ones. If this is what you’re looking for in a vacuum, then consider shopping for one that has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can control it with your smartphone using an app.

Top 5 Best Vacuum for Tile Floors Reviews

Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

The APEX DuoClean Technology with self-cleaning brush roll is designed to remove 99.9% of bacteria from home, keeping things clean and smelling fresh. With an anti-allergic complete seal technology, this Shark vacuum cleaner will keep your surroundings clean without any worries of allergens infiltrating your home. 

Powered lift-away design for easy storage in small spaces and functional glide features for excellent suction power allows you to get the job done right every time. 

LED headlights to make cleaning dimly lit areas more manageable than ever before, while quiet operation keeps users focused on their task at hand instead of having to squelch a loud machine as they work Lightweight yet powerful; efficient yet environmentally friendly – save both time and money.

Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Powerline Canister Vacuum

The Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Powerline Vacuum has a powerful 2350W motor, and it’s lightweight too. It delivers an impressive and durable, ground-breaking performance that leaves your floors spotless. 

Equipped with automatic height adjustment to adapt to all surfaces and the VarioClip attachment system for versatile use, this vacuum is perfect for hard floorings like wood or tile, yet still more than capable of tackling carpets or rugs without leaving behind clumps. With its strong suction power that empties its bag quickly enough to prevent clogging while you clean – not just by your household members but any guest in your home who enjoys fresh dirt on their shoes!

Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner will clean your home without any of the hassles. This vacuum cleaner does your cleaning to new heights of efficiency by an extended 40-minute runtime – enough time for almost anyone to have the whole house looking spic and span.

It’s designed with superior features such as the “easy rest” option – so it never gets too heavy to lug around – and LED headlights that will keep you from going under furniture and thus ruining your back trying to retrieve lost dust bunnies.

See those dust bunnies hiding away? Just get yourself the best light in town (LED mouth, infra-red night vision); after all, that is what they make it for and who wouldn’t want to check out all those dark corners of their home?

Any surface, be it carpet or hardwood floor, is no match for the Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner!

Along with that, it also has HEPA 13 filter. This means your space will always be free from any dust and pollen particles that can cause allergic reactions in specific individuals.

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Wet Dry Vacuum

Meet Hoover FloorMate, the first cleaner that washes and dries your floor. This machine is incredible! It has a dual tank technology that allows you to clean tanks and dry tanks simultaneously, while its lightweight makes it easy for one person to operate. With fingertip control, this vacuum is perfect for hardwood, laminates, vinyl as well as tiles. Hoover Floormate is easy to use and leaves your floors smelling fresh with its premium filtration system! 

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30C, Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy by Anker is an autonomous vacuum cleaner that allows you to relax and do household chores while this robot takes care of the cleaning for you. Upgraded BoostIQ technology senses surfaces and increases suction on demand so that it can quickly switch between hardwood floors, carpets, delicate rugs, work surfaces – with the same powerful cleaning performance.

Eufy by Anker’s powerful 1500Pa* suctions prevent carpet caking or any other problems resulting from excessive standing water. The more time the vacuums spend in one place without getting damaged means fewer trips back to your wall socket-and 100 minutes of constant vacuuming makes this a tranquil way to clean.

How to Choose The Right Vacuum for Tile Floor

When buying a vacuum cleaner for tiles and other surfaces, there are various factors that you need to consider. These include the design of the suction head, weight, power sources, and modes, among others.

Suction head: When buying a vacuum cleaner for your home, you need to consider the design of the suction head. The suction head, in this case, is made up of various features that enable it to clean different surfaces.

You can choose among several designs, including:

  • Canister and upright (the most common)
  • Upright only
  • Canister only
  • Handheld

The right suction head for your home will depend on its use. If you want to clean different surfaces around the house, then a canister with the hose or an upright that can be converted into one is the best option for you.

Weight:  The vacuum cleaner’s weight will help you know how easy it is for you to carry around. Imagine that you have used a cumbersome vacuum cleaner and now want to move from one location in your home to another. It can be quite a challenge, especially if the distances are too far apart. The last thing you need is an injury in the process.

Different vacuum cleaners have different weights; let’s take, for example, a Dyson V8 Absolute. It weighs about 10kg, while Bosch BSG813XGB is just over 7 kilograms. Of course, you also need to consider how often you will move from one place to another with the vacuum cleaner and if it will be a hectic process or not.

Power sources and modes:  Different vacuum cleaners have different power sources and ways to consider. For instance, some models run on vacuum cleaners while others require mains connection.

These include: vacuum cleaner power modes;

  • Rechargeable batteries and cordless
  • Corded-only

Mains-only (cord): Power mode – Cordless vacuums are powered by lithium-ion batteries that can last up to 25 minutes on a full charge. They also come with compact chargers, which you can keep in your home or office to ensure time savings when charging the battery. Mains-connected vacuums have two main power modes: powerful and Eco mode.

If you want to conserve energy, operating the unit in a low setting is a good idea. For instance, if you choose Bosch BSG813XGB, you can handle the team at three different speeds. They include high for cleaning large areas with a short cleaning time, mid-level for medium surfaces, and low power setting for delicate tasks such as vacuuming soft rugs or carpets.

Convertible – You should also look at whether the vacuum cleaner is convertible or not. The good news for you is that most of the models on the market today are convertible.

There are different products, including detachable hoses and handheld options, you can use to clean specific areas in your home.

Additional features: It’s also important to look at some other additional features that will help to improve your cleaning results. Some of these include:

Power cord length – the longer it is, the better it will be for you Automatic cable rewind – This only applies in cases where the power cable is retractable and helps to wind up automatically when you release the trigger on your handheld vacuum Cleaning path – The larger it is, the easier it will be for you to clean a large surface area within a short time.

Attachments – To avoid buying accessories separately, look for vacuum cleaners that have attachments included in their package.


We hope you found this guide helpful and informative. If you are still in the market for a vacuum cleaner, we recommend purchasing one of these 5 best vacuum for tile floors at your earliest convenience!

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