Best Vacuums For Pet Hair: The 7 Top Picks

If you have pets, then you know that they can shed a lot of hair all around your house. It’s important to keep this hair cleaned up because it can be very irritating for people with allergies. In this blog post we are going to explore the best vacuum for pet hair so that you can get back some peace in your life.

What makes a vacuum for pet hair so special?

As you probably know, vacuums are designed to be able to pick up all kinds of dirt and grime. Normally, these vacuums are made to do this job better than brooms, mops, rags, dustpans, or other cleaning implements. However, the way that they are built means that there are some that are better at picking up pet hair than others.

Top Rated best vacuum for pet hair reviews

The Shark Rocket Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum is perfect for cleaning every inch of your home’s floor surfaces. Versatile in terms of floor surface variety, the vacuum is capable of seamlessly transitioning from carpets to hardwood with ease.

In addition, this versatile stick vac features a powerfully suction for whole-home cleaning and self-cleaning brush roll with Dirt Engage technology that rotates effortlessly all around the device as well as multiFLEX technology to offer customization on what types of cleaning you want the vacuum on at any given time.

Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, it also has up to 40 minutes runtime in Standard mode when fully charged and a capacity for both pet hair and dirt among other unseen sources!

The Dyson – V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum is the most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum. Engineered for whole-home, deep cleans and intelligently optimizes suction power, run time, and tools designed to deep clean your whole home.

The Dyson V15 Cordless Vacuum efficiently brushes microscopic dust that traditional vacuums leave behind with an infrared sensor that reveals invisible dust on hard floors.

Additionally, this best-selling model has UV resins in the carbon fiber motorized brush bar to attract small particles of dirt like a magnet.

The laser-powered mini turbine tool picks up large quantities of hair while removing pet hair from carpets effortlessly due to its patent precision design with sharp edges capable of cutting hairs.

The iRobot Roomba S9 vacuum is not your average vacuuming robot. It’s a gigantic improvement on the old models of robot-vacs with its improved mapping capability to automatically find and clean every square inch of your home.

The most notable features? Wi-Fi connected design, powerful suction that works great for pet hair and fibrous dirt, as well as an Alexa integration so you can control the task remotely from just about any room in your house.

The BISSELL MultiClean 2999 Pet Upright Vacuum with HEPA Seal System has everything you need for a sparkling and clean home.

This is a powerful upright vacuum that’s designed for jobs around the house like quick touch-ups or more in-depth ones. No matter what you need it for, this vacuum has features to help.

There are several height levels on the handle so it can be customized to suit your needs. This vacuum also has a swivel steering feature which means it will turn easily throughout hard-to-reach places, like under furniture bums or tight corners in rooms where pets have made themselves cozy as well as easier navigation through doorways without taking apart from its base! What really sets this product apart though is the advanced technology it uses.

The MultiPet 2999 has a HEPA Seal System which means that you can vacuum without releasing dander and allergic reactions, making it perfect for households with allergies and pets!

There is an in-line filter inspection indicator on the canister so you know when it’s time to change it out and clean.

Power your life with the eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. With its lightweight design and powerful suction, this vacuum is ensured to make fast work of anything in sight.

Whether on hardwood or carpets, never feel limited by your surface type again. The large dust cup makes clean up easy and without hassle.

Cover more ground with fewer steps – even if you have a pet! Comes fully equipped with all of the necessities for everyday cleaning: filter, bagister, and brush roll that are easily accessed from outside so you don’t have to sacrifice accessibility for maneuverability

The Hoover vacuum cleaner is a versatile appliance to have in your home whether you have pets or not. It features multilayer pet tools designed for specific areas of the house with stubborn and clingy messes, like furry carpets or furniture.

The Hoover Pet Max completely captures 97% of dander, dust, and pollen particles through its HEPA filter without letting them escape back into your air ducts.

And remember to clean out that extra-large dirt cup when it gets full so you don’t spend too much time lugging around trash!

The Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away Lightweight Upright Vacuum is a self-cleaning vacuum cleaner that can be used as an upright or with its pod detached to easily clean hardwood and carpeted stairs without having to lug around heavy equipment.

This vacuum cleaner also has anti-allergen technology and will uproot 99.9% of allergens.

The Shark zu561 comes with swivel steering for easy maneuverability on those hard-to-reach patches of dirt!

what to consider when buying the best vacuum for pet hair

If you have a dog or cat, it’s not just the hair that is annoying but also the amount they shed on your sofas and carpets. For this reason, many pet owners use vacuum cleaners to keep their homes clean and tidy from unwanted hair. Below are some things to consider when buying the best vacuum for pet hair:

Type of flooring – Vacuum cleaners come with different types of brushes, suction power, motors, roller bars, and other features that can be a plus when you have pets.

Because dogs shed constantly and most cats retain their hair for life, it is important to consider the flooring in your house before buying one. A vacuum with a hard-floor attachment can be ideal if your floors are mostly flat surfaces while another with a soft suction head can be good for carpets.


Pet hair collection – It is important to look at the vacuum cleaner’s capacity to collect pet hair from different levels of the flooring including hard-to-reach places. You will also gain confidence in the performance of any product if it has been designed to meet the demands of pet owners that have a lot of hair shedding pets.

Suction power – Look for a model with strong suction power if you have pets or kids at home because their fur will end up clogging your vacuum’s filter. Some models come with features such as air filters and HEPA filters to prevent the spread of pet dander and allergens into your home. These filters can also help improve air quality in your house.

Vacuum weight – If you have back problems, look for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is easy to carry around when cleaning. Some models are powered by rechargeable batteries so they do not need you to carry the heavy plug-in units.

Accessories – Look for a model with attachments that allow you to clean difficult areas such as under furniture and the crevices in your car. Some models come with attachments that are designed to help remove pet hair from certain surfaces including carpeting, upholstery, stairs and cars. Look for a model that comes with specific features such as an automatic rewind function depending on the size of your house and the extent of the pet hair problem.

Warranty – Check for a model with a warranty period that is longer than its competitors because it is likely to be the best in terms of performance for prolonged use.

Noise level – Vacuum cleaners with powerful motors can make a lot of noise when you are using them around your pets. Look for a model that is relatively quiet if you do not want to stress your pets or put nearby people off by using it..

HEPA filters – if your family has a lot of allergies or breathing problems, look for a model with HEPA filters to improve air quality in your house. The HEPA filtration system can help remove allergens such as pet dander to keep you and your pets healthy.

Is Bissell or Hoover better for pet hair?

Your vacuum cleaner will be a major tool in your war against pet hair. Most pet lovers know that you can’t simply use any old vacuum to tackle this problem. The best way to determine the type of vacuum/cleaner for you and your pet is to look at their strengths and weaknesses:


Strengths: Powerful suction; strong, rotating brush bar.

Weaknesses: Corded only (no handy cord-free feature); no “drop and go” mechanism for the dirt/hair collection bin.


Strengths: Cordless and corded models available; “drop and go” dirt collection bin.

Weaknesses: Not as powerful as a traditional, motorized Dyson vacuum; rotating brush bar not as strong or durable as Bissell’s.

Both of these brands can be effective in removing pet hair from your home, but they have different features that make them good options for specific pets and situations.

If you have a multi-floored home with stairs, a corded vacuum is generally best since it gives you more mobility as you move from floor to floor. Cordless models are great if your pet’s hair is all over the hardwood floors in your house.

If you prefer to use a corded model, Bissell is generally the better choice for pet hair removal (but if your dog or cat has frequent accidents on any of your hardwood flooring then Hoover may be a better option.) If you have both pets and kids in your home or live in an area where there’s not a lot of dust, Hoover may be the better choice for you.

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