Top 10 Best Wet Vacuum for Pet Urine Reviews in 2021 – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Pets like dogs and cats are no parrot. They are almost like a human, except they don’t like to pee in the toilet. Nope, no matter how hard you try to train your pet, they are going to do whatever they please.

Your house is always covered with fur all over. But worse than the pet hair, it’s the absolute hellish smell of urine and poop left behind by your little pet.

Then you realize you must clean them all, and it might seem overwhelming to deal with this urine all by yourself. An excellent wet vacuum still gets you through all these and help you keep your sanity if you pick the Best wet vacuum for pet urine. But how do you get one, and what makes it the best? Well, let’s find out!

–   – If you have carpet and need pet stain remover for carpet then go for it.

Our Top Pick - Best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner with Wet-Dry Vacuum

BISSELL, CrossWave Cordless Max All in One Wet-Dry Vacuum

  • Vacuum & Wash at the Same Time
  • No Cord. No Hassle.
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning
  • Two Tank Technology
  • Dual Action Brush Roll
  • Improved Edge Cleaning*
  • Self-Cleaning Cycle
  • WiFi + Dash Replenishment
  • 3-in-1 Docking Station
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Top 7 Best Wet Dry Vacuum for Pet Urine reviews - below

 The Bissell does a great job of removing fur and any accidental peeing and urine patches left by the pets, even in the remotest corners of your house.

The wet vacuum may make you a bit worried about you about the floor. Because it may leave wet streaks on the floor. But with this cleaner, that’s just not the case.

When you see the dirty water reservoir, you will know how much dirt is removed. So you don’t have to leave your floor full with steaks as you can stop just before it leaves you one.

As the cleaner can vacuum and wash the floor at the same time, it is going to save both your time and energy. You do not have to bother about vacuuming and then again mopping the house to get rid of the urine stain and odor.

It has a smart control button that will switch to cleaning soft surfaces from hard surfaces. This has to be one of the best carpet cleaners for pet urine you can get for your house.


Bissell Big Green is so good at cleaning and getting rid of even a dry urine stain, it is considered as one of the rare best-wet vacuum for the home that can match professional vacuum cleaners.

It picks up so much dirt and removes the urine and its odor so fast that you will feel bad why didn’t you get this vacuum earlier and wasted your energy all this time.

The dirt lifter brush is extra-large, which will impress you with the scrubbing power. Even an old nasty carpet that has never cleaned and full of pet urine might look like its been newly brought if you use this cleaner.

What happens with wet vacuum cleaners is that you have to wait to get the floor dry to move around. But the heavy-duty suction power of this cleaner makes drying more comfortable and faster.

It has two separate tanks that bear clean and dirty water separately. Because of this, you do not have to run to the kitchen frequently. You can clean two rooms once you fill the tank. It is a pet-friendly pet wet vacuum for your home and will give you the best service for years.



All the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaners will require from you is to Push forward to clean and pull backward to dry. It is such a simple mechanism for a vacuum carpet cleaner.

This automatic cleaning technology that does everything auto from drying to mixing cleaner is all a consumer want.

It eliminates the guesswork for you while cleaning the pet urine from your floor and any other place you might be cleaning. Its power brush gently removes all the pet hair or mess gently.

So even if your surface is not good with scrubbers, it can endure the gentleness of this Hoover.

The name Smartwash does justice to its name as it employs smart technologies in this best pet urine vacuum. It will dispense more cleaning solution if there is more dirt on the floor. The Smartwash will make your cleaning days a lot easier, and your house will be a lot more cleanly than ever before.


Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac with 2 Stage Motor is quite an impressive piece of machine that is not just for the home.

When the construction of a home is completed and needs an additional clean up, you can rely on this. If you are a landlord, you are going to love it due to its very powerful cleaning and urine removal capability.

Cleaning hardwood to tiles, anything you put in front of it is nothing for this machine. It is made solidly, so do no damage to the floors. The hoses and attachments of the cleaner are also much impressive.

Also, the sound of a vacuum often bothers our neighbors. But the

Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac is surprisingly quiet. The suction power of the vacuum is also fierce.

So it’s just not the best carpet cleaning machine for pet urine, it’s also great for other heavy usages like removing pet furs as well.


If you want to abuse your cleaner to the very last of its limit with too much cleaning, then Vacmaster would just be the right choice. Not only because of its solid build but also the price is reasonable. so you will not have a heart attack if it gets damaged, though it is highly unlikely because it’s got quite a sturdy built.

Its wall-mounted to easily clean around your basement or garage, and whenever you need it can be detached easily. The 21 feet hose will allow you to clean everything around your home without worrying about moving the machine here and there. It comes with a 20-foot cord with cold wrap.

And the biggest plus point of this vacuum is that it’s really quiet. Neither will your dogs will not be terrified of the sound, and also their mess will not keep the home filthy. You could get this highly powerful vacuum to clean your home after renovation.


Are you tired of getting tangled around cords while cleaning?

This DEWALT vacuum can operate with and without cord, makes it one of the most convenient and best-wet vacuum for home.

If you are using it with a cord, it will operate with an AC outlet. If you are using it’s cordless, it will work with 18v or 20v MAX battery.

The filter is washable, and it has 2gallon of capacity. For a secure and more manageable transport system, it has onboard storage. Its hose is integrated 5’ that ensures flexibility while you use it. The size is compact, but the cleaner can handle much more than it looks.

It is best to wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home. Because the hose can suck up liquid from the floor, you can clean your pet’s urine accident without hesitation.


This WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs WS1600SS is absolutely a beast of a wet/dry vacuum. It can be used as a wet vac for urine and dry for other dust or debris.

It vacuums everything on its way no matter what it is. The cart design is convenient because it enhances the mobility of the vacuum.

The handle and wheel will assist you in taking it through the stair, and you will be able to use it in home, shop, or renovating home.

The power cord is, and the hose is quite long, that means moving around with this is not a hassle. It also comes with a storage handle which is handy for keeping things within reach of hands.


If you are a carpet user with a pet then no doubt, you need a wet vacuum for carpet. when pets or cats urinate on the carpet or hardwood floor we are needed a vacuum to clean pet pee.

Shark APEX can be a good choice. it’s an upright carpet vacuum cleaner that gives you ultimate cleaning experience. This hair removal capability gives you an extra facility to remove long hair, short hair, and pet hair. The LED light helps you to find any invisible dirt and clean dark space.


best wet dry vacuum for pet urine - Buying guide

How much are you going to Clean?

The first thing you need to keep in mind that you need to get a close estimation of the area you are going to cover with it. If the vacuum cant cover a large area and you have lots of room to clean, it will take a significantly longer time.

The capacity of the water tank – you need to get a vacuum that has a larger tank capacity than any other wet vacuum for pet urine. Otherwise, you may need to stop just after cleaning a small area to refill, and it is quite frustrating.

Accessories that come with it – It is often overlooked, but having the right accessories are quite necessary. So make sure your wet vacuum comes with the required accessories.

Ease Of Maintenance – you are getting the wet vac for urine and making your life easier. if you need to keep worrying about the maintenance of the vacuum too, then what is the point

Size Of The Vacuum – last but not least, the size should not be too bulky. this will make it harder to clean around the tight spots

How can I remove dog urine odor from the carpet?

  • To get rid of the urine odor, you need to put soak out the urine by placing a few toilet paper on it
  • Put a newspaper or towel over it to absorb more urine.
  • Put anything that can press the layers of towel firmly
  • Keep repeating and change the paper and sheets if necessary until the urine is absorbed
  • Once you are done, clean the area with a wet vacuum


Little pet babies are such a stressbuster in life and an absolute delight to have in the house. Even a small pet parrot can be such a rewarding thing to have in your life.

But once you get over with the honeymoon period and start dealing with all the strangest places your pet loves to mark their territory by urinating, only then you realize what they mean by pets come with so many things to deal with.

That is, you need to keep something in your home so that you can get done with the cleaning up of urines at once and focus on other things at hand. Otherwise, it is tough to cope up with the constant cleaning.

So whether you got a pet or planning to get one, getting the best wet vacuum for pet urine might be an excellent idea for you.

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  1. Vacmaster VWM510 5-Gallon Very easy to remove from wall mount. The remote on/off is a great addition and makes Turing on or off effortless. I set this up with a dust deputy dust collection system and it works great. Also this is a wet dry and shop vacuum.

  2. Hey Marid, It’s easy to process – Mix a solution of 2 cups of warm water, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Dip a soft cloth/sponge into the mixture and apply it to the soiled area. Blot lightly. You may need to do this a couple of times to remove a tough stain. it works great.

  3. Hey Dervi, The TriNova Pet Stain Remover is an All-Natural solution with an enzyme-based formula designed to combat organic stains and odors left behind by pets. You can check out this. here you will get more about it.

  4. What is the best wet vacuum for carpet? …. I use carpet cleaner for pet ….but decided to go for carpet vacuum.

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