Senco PC1010 Review | Best Air Compressor for Professional 2019

It is great for the price. Though Senco PC1010 is particularly best for small and medium craft type work, it is complete its purposes. Additionally, you will also get one year warranty in case of any manufacturing defect. So, don’t you think Senco PC1010 air compressor is the perfect one which you are looking for?

senco pc1010 review

Senco PC1010 | 1-Gallon Trim Compressor-Review

From over 60 years Senco is developing their products with new technology and customer requirements. As customer satisfaction is the main point of view of their business, Senco PC1010 trim compressor is not behind in that. Although, we know air compressor is made heavily with lots and lots of functions. But have you ever think, what will happen to those users who want to use an air compressor for work but in a minor way? Is it necessary for them to buy a big heavy type compressor for a small work? No, right?

Hereafter, Senco PC1010 is the best solution for them. Now to know more let’s see the core functions of it.

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Oil-Less Compressor Machine with 1-HP Peak and .5- HP in the Running:

Starting with its oil less specialty. Senco PC1010 works on electric power and consumes only 115 Volt. It works so fast and can peak up to 1- horsepower. The machine also goes .5 Horsepower in the running condition with the almost soundless background.

1-Gallon Air Capacity with Safety Drain Valve:

You will be excited to know that Senco PC1010 has a 1-gallon air tank. That means you will not stop in the middle of your work for lack of air pressure. In addition to this, you will observe a protective drain valve on the bottom of the air machine. Suppose, if you want to empty the tank for some time, you can do that easily by just simply drain all the air and make it fill-up again. But, my suggestion here is please tightly close the valve for every after use. Else, the inside air may lick out because of insecure attachment.

¼” Disconnect Coupler and Assembled Discharge Line:

In Senco PC1010 model, there is a quick disconnect coupler attached on the top of the reset button. It is about ¼ “and helpful to provide better performance. However, you will also see the discharge line which is used to check the flow of air pressure.

In-Built Filter and Pressure Regulator:

Do you know air filter is essential for air compressor which you can get in Senco PC1010? Because, rough, dusty air can damage your machine very quickly. So, to protect this problem, it has entirely intake air filter.

The most wonderful part of this product is, you can manage the air pressure by using a pressure regulator and increase up to 125 PSI. So, are you planning to get Senco PC1010?

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Super Performance:

The performance of Senco PC1010 is excellent. I guarantee you will satisfy with it. Because:

  • It can pump up 120 PSI within 3-4 minutes.
  • It uses only 4 amps.
  • It can produces 20-44 drivers / minutes.
  • It’s totally lube-free, and you do not have to concern about disposal.

Other Parts of Senco PC1010:

  • ON/OFF switch.
  • Reset button.
  • Power cord.
  • Protective aluminum covering.
  • Individual pressure gauge for tank and outlet


  • Mild noise.
  • Has in built regular for measuring air limit.
  • It comes in 2 different colors. Red and Black.
  • Oil less and no battery required.
  • Easy to carry and move.
  • No extension cord required.
  • The motor is only 4 amps.
  • Nice shape and maintain naturally.


  • If you want big storage of air, then it is not suitable for you.
  • Not suitable for tire inflators or extensive works.
  • No accessories included in this compressor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S):

QUESTION: What is the maximum output?


QUESTION: Does it comes with air pressure gauge?

ANSWER: No. but there is a regulator on this compressor that you can use for measuring air presser.

QUESTION: What is the diameter of the hose gauge?

ANSWER: It is 3/8.

QUESTION: Where can we use this air compressor?

ANSWER: You can use it for almost all light works.

  • Artists airbrush.
  • Small nail gun.
  • Pump toys, air mattresses, water tank.

QUESTION: What is the size of the product?

ANSWER: It is only 4 x 50 Feet small compressor.


Finally, I would finish the topic by saying Senco PC1010 is best for quiet operation and very very lightweight. I assume you will also agree with me after using it once. So, you can place an order here (below) without delay.

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