Storage Cabinet for Vacuum Cleaner

Are you tired of your chaotic room messed up with cleaning equipment and looking for organized storage for your vacuum cleaner?

Here are some vacuum cleaner storage ideas for you.

Vacuum cleaners, mop, brushes are the most important cleaning utilities needed for any house or an apartment, undoubtedly. Though the using process of a vacuum cleaner is convenient, its structure may cause storage difficulties. So a better storage organizer can make your task simple so that you can easily found them whenever you need them.

Storage Cabinet for Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner storage ikea

IKEA, the best-known furniture company, brings to you clever storage solutions with the best quality products. You can find cabinets, cupboards, vacuum cleaner storage rack, caddy, hooks, and many more for storing your vacuum cleaner perfectly in a confined space.  So organize yourself in the most solvent way and make cleaning more fun with less effort.

Storage Cabinet for Vacuum Cleaner

Now the main question is that where to store the vacuum cleaner especially when you have limited space at home. Three important things you should consider before selecting storage for the vacuum cleaner.

The first one is the layout of your apartment. When you have a tiny living space then choose storage racks or hooks so that you can hang the cleaning utilities for easy access. And if you are dealing with more than enough space, just form a corner with cabinets or cupboards to store the vacuum cleaner. Cabinets are perfect for keeping things from dust away and smudge-free.

The size and type of your vacuum are other important factor to consider. If you have to use large size vacuums like canister / upright vacuums then cabinets, closets or an empty corner will be the right choice as vacuum storage. On the other handheld portable vacuums took small space. You can easily store them in a rack; stand with a hook or in a drawer.

How many times you clean your house will also determine what kind of storage is suited for you. Cleaning equipment should keep in a place that is easily accessible that means you can easily take and put it back after using. Broom closet, racks will be the right choice if you use the vacuum cleaner frequently. And if you need to clean occasionally, then place the vacuum in your large cupboard or cabinet to protect it from dust and smudges.

Vacuum Cleaner cupboard

Cupboards are great choices to store different cleaning accessories like mops, brushes, washing machines, box sweepers as well as vacuum cleaners also.

IKEA offers a wide range of cupboard designs from classic wooden display cabinets to locker-type cabinets to fulfill all the above requirements. It also comes with varieties of colors which complements your room and provides enough storage space.

You will find left and right compartments, drawers, and shelves in the cupboard. Compartments space can be used for keeping the vacuum cleaner and similar things.

You can install a metal over-the-door rack with a hook in order to keep the hose in perfectly. In the drawers, you may put the brushes, sponges easily.

Moreover, you can rearrange a section or remove a shelf to keep your vacuum cleaner convenient. So you can go with cabinets from IKEA for your vacuum cleaner for sure.

Vacuum cleaner storage caddy

Caddy is a storage container that can give the perfect place for your vacuum cleaner.

This product from IKEA just makes space for everything to hold a vacuum cleaner in such a way so that you can reach your cleaning assistant effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about the long hose furthermore because it comes with the solution to keeps the vacuum hose in right place. 

You can place it either in the kitchen or in the laundry room, as per your choice.

Inside the high cabinet, interior organizers can be mounted on the left or right side if you intend to do.

Wire shelves are adjusted for keeping cleaning stuff, detergents, and the vacuum cleaner. So it is a must-have vacuum storage cabinet because it never fails to satisfy you.

Vacuum cleaner storage hooks

While adjusting vacuum cleaners to the unruly hose is a big concern then storage hooks are the simplest solution. VARIERA Vacuum hose holder from IKEA is the perfect organizer to tidy up the vacuum hose in the most convenient way.

You can mount this inside of the cabinet to save space with style. It conserves the vacuum hose in place and prevents the vacuum cleaner from falling over. It also makes it very easy to access cleaning products whenever requires.

This silver-colored Steel holder is pigmented with epoxy/polyester powder which is very simple to clean also. You can wipe it using a mild cleaner then dry it with a clean cloth. Screws are included for quick fixing.

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