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Do you know air compressor is the most important equipment regarding emergency energy? Particularly, you cannot think of traveling long distance without an air compressor. Either you use truck, lorry or your private car, the air compressor is the must for your safe, quick journey.

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However, I am here to review such a types of the essential air compressor. The Q Industries, on the top branded air compressor manufacturer, recently comes up with their new model air compressor. It is MV50 Superflow 12-volt air compressor. It is not only an air compressor but high-volume machine.

Q industries High Volume Air Compressor MV50 SuperFlow Review

Well, I am just thinking no need to add special assessment about Superflow MV50 air compressor. Because the results are already in front of you. If you are looking for smart, portable, durable and cost saving air compressor, then you can directly go for Q Industries Superflow air compressor.

Beside this, Superflow MV50 also completes all the principal purpose of using an air compressor in your vehicle. But, you have a question that how is it possible? Because MV50 disallows accidents produced by extra pressure and stop bang of the compressor. Therefore, I assume almost every air compressor users want this unaccountably.

As Superflow MV50 based on excellence and protection, it is time for grasp the other features of this life easier air compressor. For your better understanding, I decide the features in two parts:

  • Machineries / Equipment.
  • Working capacity.

Machinery / Equipment's

Protecting alligator clips – To start with the Superflow MV50 air compressor, you will get one pair of safety alligator clips. Mainly, these clips are used to get the electrical connection from the battery or any other power source. The other part of the clips is connected to the air hose (coiled wire) to pass the power to the air compressor. These clips are plastic coated. Therefore, no possibility of getting the short circuit.

16-Foot air hose – Usually, 10-foot coiled hose is pretty much right for any air compressor. But in Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow has the 16-foot coiled hose. That means you are getting an extra-large coiled hose in this model. You can also make it short or long as the hose is illustratable.

10-Foot Power Cord – Like the coiled tube, Superflow MV50 offers extra-long power cord also. Do you know, if you have the longer cord you can work (fill up tires) more accurately? Because you can fill up front tires as well as the back tires by sitting in a seat. So, Superflow MV50 offering you 10-foot long power cord and secure power socket to make your work easy.

Some accessories – If you want to fill up the basketball, football or any other pumping toys, you can easily use Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow air compressor. Because you will get some fuse and small accessories to fill up the little equipment.

Storage bag – Finally, to keep all the machinery properly altogether you will get a super storage nylon carry bag. You can keep all the parts separately in each partition of the packet including the air compressor machine,

Working Capacity

120-PSI Air Compressor:

  • Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow tire inflator in suitable for any passengers vehicles, UTV’S, RV’S, SUV’S. However, it works directly with the 12-volt battery and produces maximum 120 PSI inflators. Not only this, it can fill up 3500 cubic inches and can fill up the tires less than two minutes.
  • For any other passenger vehicle with 25-35 PSI, it can inflate within 1 minutes. If you do not believe, you can use the stop watch and see the magic.

Only 30 amp:

In Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow air compressor you can inflate any tires by using only 30 amp inline fuse. Can you believe it?



Please give a break for half an hour for every after use. If you do not maintain this, then the piston of the motor gets overheated and causes the explosion. So, regarding using any brand air compressor do not forget to continue this always.


Is there any hose types?

Answer: Yes. The 16 feet coiled hose is M fitting.

Does it run on oils?

Answer: No. it is only battery oriented.

What is the average duty cycle?

Answer: You can consider 4 minutes maximum. In average the duty cycle will not be more than 3 minutes.

What is the weight of the machine?

Answer: 1 pounds and 11.5 x 9 x 8 inches.

Is there any filter in this compressor?

Answer: Yes. The red disk into the edge through hole works as a filter.

Ffinal Verdict

One thing you should keep in mind that every product is not 100% guaranteed. But I can assure you Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow air compressor is less defective compared to cost. It is also easy to use and maintain. So, I advise you to no look further and place an order to get the product.

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