Are you thinking of getting the best car vacuum for detailing which must be small, portable and stunning design? Perhaps, you have tried hundreds of detailing manual accessories, expensive tools, and gadgets but nothing can compete with your expectation. Well, this happens to almost all the car owners when they experience a messy, dirty, untidy outlook of their brand new car without having proper awareness of cleaning.

However, a professional car vacuum for detailing is always a good choice. Because it can make your car peak shape with the like-new condition. So, here primarily, we are going to give you a whole bunch of suggestions about best car vacuum.

Best Vacuum for Detailing

What to look for Best Car Vacuum for Detailing

We always prefer to justify the prerequisites, before buying any products. In this case, we advise the same and not to forget to keep the following questions in mind while choosing the best vacuum for car detailing.

What is supposed to be clean in car detailing?

  • Car washing.
  • Interior cleaning-upholstery, leather, different parts.
  • Exterior cleaning- painting
  • Polishing

What are the types of vacuum cleaner available? Like:

  • Steam cleaner
  • Wet/dry cleaner.
  • Automotive / garage.

Comparison -Top Rated Best Car Vacuum

Product Name Images Rating Buy Now
Shop-Vac Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum
Audew Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner
Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum
BISSELL SpotClean Auto Portable Car Cleaner
Banaton 106W 12V best Car Vacuum Cleaner
Hoover Air Cordless car Vacuum Cleaner
HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner
McCulloch Heavy-Duty Autos Cleaner
ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum
FORTEM THE EXTRA MILE Silver Car Vacuum Cleaner

Top 10 car detailing vacuum reviews

Now, let’s get started with the most straightforward question,” Which is the best vacuum for car detailing“? In order to answer this question more simply, you can follow below top branded best car vacuum.

As per our concern, you will get the exact idea from this Best car vacuum cleaner buying guide and it will assist you to take the right decision.

Now we have our special car cleaning oriented Banaton car vacuum cleaner. Do you know the benefits of using car specific vacuum is it can clean almost every portion suppose seats, vents, floor mats, floorboards, dashboard without even reaching underneath of crevices or seats?

Moreover, if you have fabric, leather or any types of positions, this vacuum will help you the most as it’s particularly for car detailing. At a glance, it has got strong suction, multifunction operation, bright LED light, ergonomic design, easy usability and altogether 1 year fully manufactured warranty


  • The attractive point of this vacuum is it’s compatible with all electronic machine and consist of DC-12 V power.
  • The motor works on 106W which is undeniably a reliable suction power for cleaning car debris.
  • It comes with various attachments such as nozzle, brush, extension hose and a carrying bag. So, it is outstanding for multiple cleaning.
  • We also like its 5-meter long cord, reusable filter, auto shut off lids, transparent trash container, easy storage, and lots more components.
  • Lastly, as it has a longer cord you can use it is not only in the car but other vehicles like bus, truck, zip car, etc. Pros:
  • Portable carry bag.
  • Long nozzle.
  • Silent operation.
  • Dual operation. Wet and dry.
  • Long 5meter cord.
  • Variety of attachments.
  • Less capacity bin.
  • A bit heavy. 2.87 lbs.

Are the interior parts of your car looking worse for littered, derbies, dust or dirt? In other words, it’s getting old and faded day by day because of simple maintenance? We believe, you are in this condition and looking for using the best car vacuum. With a piece of happy news we also here with Hoover Air Cordless Bagless Hand Vacuum Cleaner. As keeping inside cleanness is one of the main pre-condition of car maintaining, you can blindly go for Hoover BH52160PC model vacuum.

Why because it comes in an extremely lightweight pattern which strong suction, powerful motor, reusable filter, lots of attachments for every type of cleaning and finally 2 years long warranty. It is to note that, hand vacuums are almost cheaper to other types of vacuum, but we certainly believe although Hoover Air cordless vacuum is more affordable but consists of all latest and greatest features. Let’s have a look at and confirm your order.


  • Its 20V lithium-ion battery lasts a long time with powerful suction and do not stop until its fully dead.
  • Its ultra-lightweight with only 2 pounds for easy moving and carrying.
  • Its battery is interchangeable, but it takes 9 hours for charge completely.
  • The filters are washable and can reuse for sixth to eight times.
  • It has a small crevice tool for underneath cleaning and turbo tool for the seat and floor cleaning and head brush for lint or fur cleaning.
  • Finally, it’s the bin capacity is quite big 0.7 liters and throw the trash without even touch.
  • It supports multi-floor cleaning.
  • It supports multi-floor cleaning.
  • Pet's hair friendly.
  • Cleans nooks and crannies very well.
  • Best for stair and car cleaning.
  • Interchangeable battery.
  • Portable and cordless.
  • Long charging time.
  • No suction control button.
  • No HEPA filter.

Do you know what the main criteria of the best car vacuum are? While using it must give you extra comfort, easy maneuver, work quickly, less weight and therefore portable to everywhere.  One of the most prominent types of car and driver’s best friend vacuum is HOTOR car vacuum cleaner.In summary, it can do all the hardest cleaning whatever messy or dirt it is.

Because it delivers adequate suction, best-suited attachments, picked up all dust, dirt, dander like a magnet. So if you have a very busy life and looking for a smart vacuum by today, you can order for Hotor car vacuum.


  • It has 4300-4500 pa for enormous suction force and sucks up almost everything.
  • Its very lightweight miniature builds and operates in one hand.
  • It can easily reach hard-to-access places and cleans up smoothly.
  • For viewing even a small particle, it has LED light and comes with 2 stainless steel anti-allergen HEPA filters.
  • We could not resist loving its silent fan, sturdy attachments (brush, nozzle, extended hose, bag, etc.), bin capacity and unlimited operation time as its power-driven best car vacuum.
  • Various accessories included.
  • Small, sleek portable design.
  • Long 16.4 feet power cord with cigarette socket plugins.
  • Washable 1 extra filter.
  • Zippered bag for ideal storage.
  • Best for pets hair and picked up rocks, bags of dust.
  • 1-year warranty with the customer service facility.
  • Instead of battery its power cable design.
  • It's best for only small-medium size car cleaning.

Among all the steam cleaner we like better Mcculloch heavy duty steam cleaner mc1275 for bed bugs. The reason behind this is, it is high-quality and longtime usability. In addition, it is also environmentally friendly and no extra chemical or grease is required to run it.


  • It comes with nearly 18 accessories including brushes, squeegees, terrycloth’s and extension wands.
  • It has 48 ounce of reservoir tank.
  • Can perform continuous steaming up to 45 minutes.
  • You will also notice an ON/OFF steam button on the bottom of the tank.
  • It consists of 43 psi steam pressure and the steaming rate is 33-37 g/ min.
  • The tank is big enough (48 oz) and takes only 8 minutes to heat the water.
  • Implement multiple tasks
  • Attachments are best for all surfaces and materials.
  • Reaches pretty far with 18 feet power hose.
  • Perfect for both interior and exterior car detailing.
  • Lightweight, long-lasting.
  • High pressure.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Storing bag is not included
  • Not wall mounted.
  • No refilling option

Sometimes before we thought, a pricey vacuum for car detailing would better option. But, our idea got to change when we found better product within $100. Here is the 5-gallon wet dry vacuum cleaner created by Shop-Vac.

Later on, we discovered this as one of the best vacuum cleaners for car detailing. Because you can use this machine as a blower that you will found only in an expensive vacuum.


  • It has in-built and handy blower port in order to remove the dust from deep corner areas.
  • The hard secured latched system between tank and lid makes more durable.
  • For reducing fine dust it has a collection bag.
  • It consists of both top and side carrying handle.
  • Onboard tool storage system
  • Convenient ON/OFF switch.
  • Based on fill dolly system.
  • Solid with stainless steel.
  • Excellent carrying handles.
  • Easy cleaness.
  • Includes all types of accessories.
  • 18 feet long cord.
  • 8 feet hose.
  • 5 years motor warranty.
  • Super cool tank drain system to take out water.
  • Not recommended for heavy car detailing.
  • Noisy operation.
  • Might feel trouble to attach the accessories.

Do you agree, garage cleaning plays a vital role in your car detailing work? Of course, you will say yes. That’s why we are offering VacuMaid GV50PRO wall mounted vacuum cleaner which performs for both garage and car detailing in an excellent way. Infact, we assure it is the best commercial auto detailing vacuum.


  • The super powerful 5.7″ Ametek Lamb motor consumes only 120 volts or 15 amps.
  • It is 138″ sealed vacuum and made of galvannealed steel.
  • Contains HEPA- filtration bag with 7-gallon dirt capacity.
  • In addition, it provides 740 watts maximum air which saves 25% of motor usages.
  • Has nearly 10 types of accessories and does a great job in every type of cleaning.
  • You can safely set this into the wall with the hanger,as it is wall mounted
  • Corded electric machine.
  • Great suction.
  • Well-made Attachments.
  • Stylish storage bag.
  • Very long hose
  • 99.98% (HPB2H) HEPA filtration approved.
  • Telescopic curved wand.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Not perfect for wet cleaning.
  • Comes only in gray color.
  • Do not have an auto starter.

As most garage owners prefer a wall mounted vacuum cleaner, I am going to provide one another best vacuum for car detailing as well as for workshop cleaning. Here, it is all about BISSELL garage corded wet/dry vacuum. Particularly, if you are looking for long hose, in order to avoid carrying problem, then this is absolutely made for you.


  • Works as a blower machine. For this, just move the hose to the right side of your port and use it as a blower.
  • Made for both wet/ dry cleaning by using only 12 amps.
  • In addition, it comes with a very secure wall mounting hanger and screws.
  • Semi-translucent dirt tank with 4 gallons of capacity.
  • It covers all types of attachments for multi-purpose use.
  • Easy mounting set up and maintain.
  • Great quality items.
  • Flexible 32" foot hose.
  • Lightweight motor.
  • Easy Dirt container maintenance.
  • Plastic made durable attachments
  • Not comes in handy.
  • Wrapping of long hose sometimes not easy.
  • No powerful blower.

Ok. If you are still with us then we must say, this guide will help you to select your most awaited vacuum and prepare you to work best.

Now, I will demonstrate BISSELL spot clean auto portable carpet cleaner | 7786a which is particularly made for car interior detail work. Do you want to how?


  • As carpets, rugs and mats cleaning comes under first cleaning priority of car detailing, this vacuum unconditionally removes all the stains, spots and dirt’s forever.
  • In plus, it maintains heatwave technology and keeps the water remain hot during cleaning and remove odors.
  • In order to clean the narrow space between seats, it has 2-in-1 spraying crevice tool.
  • Its slim and lightweight design.
  • Furthermore, it includes 2x stain and spot formula.
  • Remove spots completely.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Deep-down cleaning.
  • Stunning shape.
  • 1-Year warranty.
  • Comfortable movements.
  • Cheaper.
  • Noisy.
  • Larger nozzle.
  • No snipping heads.

Have you plan a trip with your lovable pets but scared of carrying in a car? Perhaps wondering, your car seats may get dirty with its hair and pee? If you are in this situation then I am here to remove your worries.

Primarily, you can use BISSEL preheat portable carpet vacuum which is great for cleaning liquid and stain.


  • First of all, it is multi-purpose surface cleaner and convenient for any types of area.
  • It’s in build heating system will make your carpet and upholstery almost stainless.
  • Moreover, its powerful suction and spraying system makes the carpet dry in one step.
  • In addition, it has got separate water tanks for dumping (dirty water) and filling (clean water)
  • Like another vacuum, it comes with the variety of attachments.
  • Best for pets care
  • User-friendly and portable
  • Easy fill-up and empty tank.
  • Outstanding for spot and stain cleaning.
  • Always maintain ready-to-use.
  • Powerful absorption.
  • Small and portable.
  • Not steam cleaner.
  • Suction reduces for solid materials.
  • Does not include odor formula.

If you are a professional car detailer and wants to do your work quick and easier way then our first choice is Rug Doctor portable spot stains cleaner. As you have already known, at present carpet extractor are costly and spend around $600 or more. Instead of this, you can have this best vacuum for car detailing as a carpet extractor at a cheaper price. 


  • Its vibrating and rotating electric brush performs deep cleaning for both interior and exterior parts of a car.
  • Removes stains, spots, dust, and debris entirely.
  • Though it is not a heat or steam vacuum but does an outstanding job of scrubbing technology.
  • It follows the suction technique.
  • On the other hand, the water tank is easy to refill, empty and clean.
  • Alternatively, its retractable cord and wheels provide super convenient movement anywhere.
  • No assembly required.
  • Super carriage able.
  • Ultra weight. Only 21 pounds.
  • Excellent for high traffic areas.
  • Powerful 2X suction.
  • Duplex cleaning formula. Washing and scrubbing.
  • Poorly made shampoo container.
  • Flimsy attachments.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Might face leakage problem

BISSELL PowerLifterPowerBrush upright carpet cleaner is a slightly different car detailing extractor that helps your cleaning work done easy. Though it is an upright vacuum I assure will never face moving or carrying hassle because if it’s flexible handle.

But why I particularly suggest this product? As you will go through with the features, you will observe that it’s not only a powerful carpet cleaner but also a stain remover.


  • It is called the DirtLifter machine. As it has inbuilt 4-row DirtLifter automatic power brush, it can make your seat or carpet almost stainless and spotless.
  • As like another carpet cleaner it also comes in dual tank (separate dirty and clean water tank) system but with large capacity.
  • Similarly, its removable nozzle delivers easy cleaning to the carpet and rug.
  • Moreover, its fix measuring cup and flat transparent screen make the user feel extra relief.
  • Remove embedded stains, dirt’s and debris.
  • Provides a glittering effect to the carpet.
  • Sucks all types of dirt and liquids.
  • Inexpensive and sturdy design.
  • Consumes only 12 amps.
  • The cord is a bit short. Only 20 feet.
  • Does not comes with attachments.
  • It is not multi-surface cleaner.

Are you frustrated because of heavy messy in your car? Perhaps your kids and pets are enjoying the driving by putting juice in the seats or throwing popcorn? Please, never mind. Because BISSELL 3624 portable carpet cleaner is there to clean your all the messes and makes your car a new life!

It is one of the best car vacuum. Not only that, it is found to be the best vacuum for detail shop and other professionals. So, without looking anywhere, check out the features, pros, and cons.


  • As the name mentioned it performs spotless and deeper cleaning altogether.
  • Its stain removal tools clean all types of stains (both dry and wet).
  • In order to clean the bottom area of the car or narrow area, it has got a separate stair tool.
  • Furthermore, a large capacity tank with quick refilling viability makes it one of the best vacuum for the car interior.
  • You will also get an extra 2 double energy cleaning formula, 3-stain, and 6-stair tool.
  • Therefore, no buying tension.
  • Excellent for interior car cleaning.
  • Auto mess little cleaner
  • Lightweight.
  • Long power cord
  • Strong attachments.
  • Slight footprint.
  • No quiet operation.
  • Costly.
  • No wheels but it has to carry handle.
  • No retractable cord.

Here is the last product of reviewing and we are quite sure you will not go for another choice if you like to get an entirely steam cleaner. It is not only a vacuum but it can do all of your steaming works like BBQ grills, ovens and so on.

PureClean represents XL 1500-watt pressurized rolling steam cleaner.As a whole, it is best for all types of household, car detailing and outing. Let’s see the details to know more.


  • This amazing steam cleaner can clean heavy stubborn stains that grease, mold, grime or bed bugs cannot do.
  • It maintains all professional qualities and performs in-depth cleaning everywhere.
  • For steaming operation, it has 1.5-liter large capacity tank with enough supply of water.
  • Furthermore, it takes nearly eight minutes to boil water and produces 1.2 ounces steam per minute.
  • Comes with 18 piece perfectly made attachments.
  • All natural steam machine.
  • Perfects for all types of surface cleaning.
  • 16 feet retractable power cord.
  • 5-years extended warranty.
  • 45 minutes continuous steaming.
  • Ultra-light.
  • Input only 12.5 A
  • No, not water indication button.
  • Costly.
  • No wall mount option.

The benefit of Car vacuum for Detailing

If you are a car owner, you might have the query about why to cost more by buying a vacuum for car detailing? Because:

  • To make your old car in new look.
  • Enjoy spotless and stainless environment in a car.
  • To clean by self.
  • Do cleaning in a very shortest time.
  • No extra cleaning cost.
  • Love cleaning without pain.
  • Invest once but get the best result throughout the year.

Why Use the best cars vacuums detailing?

If you are a car owner, you might have the query about why to cost more by buying a vacuum for car detailing? Because:

  • To make your old car in new look.
  • Enjoy spotless and stainless environment in a car.
  • To clean by self.
  • Do cleaning in a very shortest time.
  • No extra cleaning cost.
  • Love cleaning without pain.
  • Invest once but get the best result throughout the year.

Tips for Choosing the vacuum for car detailing

Now you have almost come across with the important factors of different vacuum cleaners features and the importance of using it in your car. In comparison, you should also know some tricks while buying to get the best out of it.

You must concern about:

  • Single / multiple purpose cleaner.
  • Vacuum cleaner attachments and using tips.
  • Types
  • Wet/dry/ steam cleaner/ normal.
  • Canister/ handheld/ robotic
  • Wall mount/ portable.
  • Accessory length and size.
  • Cordless/corded.
  • (Must be fit into the car storage)
  • Feasibility of using input power.
  • Bag or bagless.
  • Hose and cord length.
  • Suction power.

Best Car Vacuum: How We Tested - What We Found

  • As car detailing is an important part of maintaining your car, you must know some testing technique before you use the vacuum and other necessary tools.
  • First, you check with all the parts and equipment’s properly fitted or not.
  • Second, check all the attachments by adding one-by-one to the machine.
  • Third, it’s time to start with the work. Here, be aware of hot water or if your vacuum support solution don does not forget to add that in the water.
  • Forth, you can start cleaning with the help of a brush, mob or hose whatever is required.
  • Finally, you must also be careful about cleaning progress. What I want to say is, check the performance and timing.

Top Brands for Best Auto Detailing Vacuum

  • Hiker.
  • Shop-Vac.
  • Generic.
  • WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs.
  • Armor All.
  • VonHaus.
  • Ridgid.
  • VacuMaid.
  • PureClean.

Above mentioned brands are renowned brands. However, you should give preference to your choice, types, and cost along with brands.

Last Words

To wrap up all the points, I would like to add one more point. That is, please be clear about the product specification and your requirements. If you are confident in your purpose no one can stop you to choose the right product for this guide. Finally, I will be grateful if you find the best vacuum for car detailing from these reviews.

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