Complete Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklist – A Step By Step Guide

It can be felt annoying teenage bedrooms cleaning because some teenager doesn’t know how to stay organized. It’s natural, Feel your teenage life. Were you organize? The answer is “no” 95% of the time.

Moreover, cleaning teenage bedroom isn’t quite tough if you have a teenage bedroom cleaning checklist that helps you to where to start and where to end. Once you have completed, you feel comfortable in your place.

To make enjoyable your cleaning time, you can play fun music and set a timer, so it feels more fun before you start cleaning floors, shelves, tables, mattresses, and other things.

Once you have finished all the tasks, you will feel better in your room and look like organized.

Let’s get started!

Teenage bedroom cleaning checklist (Spring Cleaning Routine)

No. 1 – Gather Your Materials

  • 3 Bags OR boxes.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.
  • Furniture Polish.
  • Window/Glass Cleaner.
  • Long-Handled duster.
  • Lint brush.
  • Vacuum Cleaner with necessary attachment.

No.2 - Cleaning the Declutter 

  • Remove clutter from surfaces.
  • Fold and away from clean clothing.
  • Place dirty clothes in the hamper.
  • Collect things that belong elsewhere & put in box.
  • Gather up items you no longer want & put in the dustbin.
  • Pick Up all trash & put it in box.

No.3 – Clean the Walls

  • Remove Curtains.
  • Strip bed of all but mattress cover.
  • Remove all the Pictures and art from walls and place them on the bed.
  • Take curtains & lines to the laundry room.

No. 4 – Get Dusting

  • Use a long-handled cleaning pole to dust the ceiling fan.
  • Dust the ceiling.
  • Dust the walls.
  • Dust the door jambs.
  • Dust window molding and sills.
  • Dust baseboards.
  • Use microfiber cloths to dust the picture frames.
  • Dust furniture, then polish.

No.5 – Clean the Glass

  • Clean the fronts of pictures and rehang.
  • Polish mirrors.
  • Polish windows.
  • Polish other glass surfaces.

No. 6 – Clean the Lamps

  • Remove shades from lamps.
  • Wipe cool bulb with glass cleaner.
  • Use the damp microfiber cloth to wipe the lamp base.
  • Use lint roller to remove dust from lampshade.
  • Wipe the cord drown.

No 7 – Clean the Bed

  • Strip the mattress pad & take it to the laundry.
  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the bed frame.
  • Use the vacuum’s upholstery attachment to vacuum the mattress, including the sides.
  • Flip the mattress side to side and end to end.
  • Vacuum the mattress and sides again.
  • Use the floor attachment to vacuum beneath the bed. 

No. 8 – Finish the Floor

  • Use the crevice attachments to vacuum around the base of walls.
  • Vacuum the floor.
  • Treat stains on the carpet.
  • Shampoo the carpet.


No. 9 – Final Touches

  • Rehang the clean curtains.
  • Put a clean pad on the mattress.
  • Put fresh lines on the bed.
  • Take the “Donate” box to the car.
  • Take the “trash” box to the garbage can.
  • Take items in the “return” box to their proper locations.

Room Cleaning Checklist-

To clean up your room, you can follow this daily and weekly cleaning checklist. If you’re needed deep clean your room, then here is the deep clean bedroom checklist that helps you to stand out.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean the bed.
  • Put the dirty cloth in a dirty cloth basket.
  • Clean your floor. 
  • Organize your tables
  • Clean pet urine and stains

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

  • Organize your bed and remove dirt bed sheets and pillow cover, etc..
  • Remove Dust
  • Vacuuming floor
  • Empty Garbage basket & cans
  • Clean your floor
  • Clean your bookcase
  • Clean your electronic device such a Computers, TVs, Sound box, etc.

Deep Clean Checklist

  • Clean your drawers
  • Remove clutter items you don’t need
  • Clean dust baseboards
  • Clean dust blinds
  • Clean the floors.
  • Clean under your bed.
  • Dust light fixtures and lamps
  • Empty and clean garbage bag and basket
  • Clean your curtain or change
  • Vacuum your furniture and polish dresser, desk.
  • Remove items from shelves and dust and clean it.
  • Vacuum your mattress
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Clean frames and décor, clean if needed.
  • Wash wall with necessary equipment’s
  • Clean windows
  • Wash your blankets, sheets, mattress pad, and washable pillows.

I hope this cleaning teenage bedroom guide has been helpful for you. If you are a parent then this children’s bedroom cleaning checklist helps you and your children to know how to organize room teenage girls and boys.

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