Hello, friends! Introducing you with the new HyperPS 2000mah Car Jump Starter kit. If you are looking for multi-functional car jump starter for your car, then this is the perfect device for you. Moreover, it’s easy to use and portable. I am sure; you will love this product if you become used to it.

HyperPS 20000mah Multi Function Car Jump Starter Kit Review

Well, HyperPS Car Jump Starter comes with lots of functionality. However, the main characteristic of this device is fast charging capability, and it has 20000 mah battery power. Suppose if you want to charge your car engine you can do that easily near about 1000 times. Additionally, you can also use it as a car jump starter for your 12V car engine or 5L gas or even 3L diesel vehicle engine. So, do not you want to make your life easier by using this car jump starter?

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HyperPS Multi-Function Car Jump Starter kit Review

As we all know each product have some specialty HyperPS Car Jump Starter kit is not less supportive in that. Hereafter, it is not only a car charger but also works as a power bank for mobile, laptop, audio music system and all. In short, if you want to go for a day-long trip or maybe 2-3 days’ vacation, HyperPS car jump starter will support all of your charge related ( battery car, cell phone, laptop, headset, LED light, etc.) equipment’s. Is it not like HyperPS car jump starter has made with the magical power to maintain all? Yes, certainly it is.

Best Rechargeable Battery and Less Power Consumption:

As you already came to know HyperPS Car Jump Starter kit works magnificently as a rechargeable battery for all lost all electronic device. But you may think, probably it consumes more power. But do you know it consumes only 200A, and at the peak point, it consumes only 600A which is very less? So, you do not have to think about electricity expense

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Air Compressor with 150 PSI:

You know most of the people wanted car jumper starter with an air compressor. Because it helps them to use jump starter as well as the air compressor in a car on important basics. However, HyperPS Car Jump Starter kit is just the right product to help them out for both in a short time. Because it can provide up to 150 PSI maximum pressure to pump the tire. It also maintains a safety connection called brass tipped nozzle while pumping. Not only car tires but you can also pump bicycle tire or football or anything that you want to pump out.

LED Light and Another Emergency Kit:

In HyperPS car jump starter you will get a LED flashlight option with three lighting mode effects. Also, you will also support by some emergency tools like hammer and blade.

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 Super Car Jump Starter Kit Clamps and Cable:

HyperPS 20000 mah air compressor has jump starter cable with clamps. It has multiple works purpose. Let’s see one-by-one.

  • Reversing charging free.
  • Short- Circuit protective.
  • Over-temperature and over-charge flow protection.
  • No polarity problems.

Even the jumper cable protects over discharge problem from a battery. So, what is your opinion about buying this product? Therefore, please check price details from mentioned links.


  • Very light in weight.
  • Plastic alligator clamps for extra protection.
  • Easy to maintain as all the equipment is compact in a small carry case.
  • Emergency tool (hammer and blade) is helpful for breaking and cutting.
  • Carry case is very hard and comparatively small in size.


  • No cigarette plugins.
  • It has micro USB port. Not mini USB port.
  • Compressor performance may degrade if you pump for a long time.

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What are inside the box?

20000 mah battery within built hammer and blade. 1
Air compressor. 1
Car Charger. 1
Ac power adapter. 1
Battery Clamps 1
Laptop connecting cable. 1
Laptop adapter connector 8
3 types of a cellphone charging cable 1
User manual 1

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S):

Question: What are the Input and Output?

Answer: Input – 12V, 1A and Output – 5V and 12 V / 2 A, 16V and 19V-3.5A.

Question: What is the size of the product?

Answer: It is only 14 x 12 x 3.5 inches and 4.4 pounds.

Question: How many devices we can charge at a time?

Answer: As many as you want. But I advise you to do charge maximum 2-3 equipment.

Question: What is the operating temperature?

Answer: From 0- 60 degree Celsius.

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So, now we have reached the end of the topic. Though this is a review if you are trying to buy an efficient car jump starter, then choose HyperPS 20000 mah multi-purpose Car Jump Starter kit without looking anywhere. I assure you will benefit.