Stanley J5C09 Review – 1000 Peak Amp with Compressor Jump Starter

Be Clarify about Stanley J5C09 Review

What will you do when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere because your car batteries have given up on you or your tires have run out of the air but you do not have a spar

Without a single car in your site or a network bar on your phone, you are up for some real trouble unless you have a Stanley J5C09 1000 peak amp jump starter lying around in the back of your car. It’s an Amazon bestseller utility kit with a built-in air compressor that makes you equipped to deal with any type of roadside emergencies.

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Is it for you?

Stanley J5C09 1000 peak amp starter is a perfect suit for you if you love to head out often on long-distance road trips. You will never know what kind of emergencies will hit you on the road, so you better be prepared. Your car batteries might die without giving you any prior notifications and leave you stranded by the roadside. In such scenarios, Stanley J5C09 could be the one to save you.

Why buy this model?

Yes, there is a lot of fish in the river so, why go for this particular one? We recommend Stanley J5C09 for its multi-purpose nature. It’s not only a solution to your car’s battery dilemmas but also to other serious problems like flat tires or drained out cell-phone batteries. It’s built-in LED light also serves as a visual aid in low light conditions.

Stanley J5c09 Battery review IN Seconds!

There is no one reason for your car batteries to die. Your battery might be exhausted from overuse, affected by adverse weather or simply drained out because you left the lights on for too long.

However, when your batteries die en route to your destination, it is wiser to try bringing it back to life rather than carrying out a post-mortem procedure. Stanley J5C09 can bring your car back to life instantly by generating electric currents ranging from 600 peak amps to 1000 peak amps. I guess you can call it the CPR for your car!

No need for any other vehicles

Most people prefer the old-school way of jumping cars, i.e. using jumper cables to draw voltage from another car battery. You might not always find a Good Samaritan around who is willing to lend you his/her car to help you out.  If you have a Stanley J5C09 with you, you don’t need to rely on others to kick-start your battery.

Easily Portable

It might sound a bit awkward since the unit weighs 18lbs. But, it is designed like a backpack and has a handle to carry around easily. Besides, it is small in size, so it will not take up too much space in the trunk of your car.

Inflate your Tires with built in air compressor

A jump starter with an air compressor-what a useful package to have in your toolkit! It’s built-in 120 PSI air compressor is not on a par with the best air compressors in the market, but it will save the day when your tire goes flat, and you don’t have a spare in your car.

Easy to Use

This jump starter is quite easy to operate and maintain. All you need to do is to connect the clamps to your vehicle battery and wait for the magic. If you cannot figure out which clamp goes with which terminal, just keep on trying different combinations.

As long as you find the right connection, the unit will alert you of every improper attachment. Therefore, you can make sure that you have attached the clamps with the right terminals. Charging it is equally simple; plug it in and watch the charging indicator to find out the current charging status of the battery.

Charge your Devices

We all know how terrible it feels when our cell-phone batteries run out of charge, but there are no cell-phone chargers around. Smartphones have revolutionized the idea of cell-phones and expanded its borders far beyond just making calls or sending texts.

Sometimes we use a music device, at times as a GPS and sometimes to browse the net or check our emails. With the Stanley J5C09, you will never have to go off the grid while driving as the unit comes with a convenient USB port and a cigarette lighter socket, through which you can charge your smartphones and other devices.

Usable at night

The built-in LED light can be extremely helpful at night. It will serve you as a mid-range flashlight which can be rotated 270 degrees.

Features: stanley j5c09 review

  • 500 instant starting amps
  • 1000 peak amps
  • Impressive LED light capable of a 270-degree rotation
  • Reverse polarity alarm to ensure proper connection
  • USB port to connect portable smart devices
  • 120 PSI compressor coming with a handy backside gauge
  • Cigarette Lighter Socket for charging car batteries and devices

As appealing as it sounds, a low priced mixture of an air compressor and a jump starter is bound to make a smart consumer skeptical of its quality.

Stanley J5C09 has its shortcomings, but it’s handy features managed to overweigh those and made the unit an Amazon bestseller. It can prove to be a life-saver during drivetime emergencies and make sure your trips do not get derailed just because of a flat tire or a dead battery.

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