Ecovacs Deebot N79 Review – How to Choose

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In recent years robotic vacuum has brought a revolutionary change in vacuum cleaner users. It is truly perfect and smart for all types of floors specifically for laminate floor. Hereafter, if you have the plan to get the robotic vacuum for laminate floors, ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum will be great for you.

Although most people cannot afford robotic vacuum because of the high price. But it is just a novelty item and can work as an assistant in your absence. Is not it that great!

But which robotic vacuum will be suitable for you? We suggest if you have laminate floors and wants to buy WI-FI controlled vacuum, then just give more attention to the ECOVACS FBA vacuum cleaner.

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Ecovacs Deebot N79 Review- Features

It is essential to justify with the features of your preferred vacuum as it cost more. Moreover, as a laminate floor user, you must need also be stick to your necessity. So let’s see what ECOVACS consist of:

  • It is perfect for smartphone users who want to control it by using apps.
  • It has a long time lithium battery life and can works 100 minutes continuously.
  • With its 3-Tire cleaning system, it always does the quiet and effective cleaning of all types of dust, dirt, pet dander.
  • It also has a quick motion navigation system like direct suction, dual side brush and helix-brush roll and auto-cleaning system.
  • In the same way, it is environment supports the environment by using sensor and anti-collision system.
  • What’s more? You do not have to connect to the charger always. It has docking system. So, it will come back and connect to the charger automatically.


  • Ultra lightweight. Only 7 pounds.
  • Can watch accessory position.
  • Schedule and track cleaning formula.
  • Intelligent safety sensor.
  • Comprehensive and durable.
  • Consistent and high-efficient air filtration.
  • 1-year full warranty.
  • Unbeatable Suction power


  • No memory bank.
  • Dustbin needs to clean periodically.
  • You must replace the filter on time.
  • It cannot mob.

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What is inside the box?

Ans: A remote control, Side brushes, Power adapter, Docking station and user manual.

How do the brushes work?

Ans: Helix design brush performs deep cleaning, and dual wide-reach nylon brush does side cleaning.

Does the battery auto-rechargeable?

Ans: Absolutely yes.

Is this vacuum is only for a laminate floor?

Ans: It is best for laminate or other types of hard floors and low-pile carpets.

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In conclusion, I would like to point out some (for Ecovacs Deebot N79 Review )preparation before making this pricey investment. Please check out with the:

  • Room area
  • Floor type
  • Is there 2.4G Hz Wi-Fi have at your home or not?
  • And always see user manual to use the tools.

If you are aware of all of these and decided to have the robotic vacuum you can order ECOVACS FBA Robotic Vacuum without investigating anymore.

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