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If you are looking best leaf vacuum mulcher to keep clean you garden. then you got the right place!

Let’s continue and find best one.

If you have a decent-sized lawn or garden that has a lot of trees in it, cleaning out so much of the leaves and needles can become a huge headache, especially in the winter season. 

All the leaves are quickly finding their place on the earth below the tree and in this case, its your lawn. But it is us who have to go through all hassle to clean them. 

It is essential to keep our garden from looking like a dump yard. There was a time you only had the convenience of using rakes to clean away all the leaves and needles and whatnot manually and all by hand. But not anymore as leaf vacuum mulchers have been able to combine the job of blowing vacuuming and mulching into one single tool. 

Today, we will find out what the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher out there is and some pointers on how to purchase the right one in our buying guide.

Editor’s Choice:)

The BLACK+DECKER BV6000 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher is a three-in-one tool. Easy change between vacuum and blower. Includes Blow Tube, Vacuum Tube, EZ Empty reusable collection bag and Concentrator. Best Blower Vac for Versatility!

Best Value 🙂

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower Vacuum has a brushless motor for extended run time. Blower/Vac capability provides a versatile use to get your yard work done without the need for multiple tools.

Top rated Best Leaf vacuum Mulcher - Comparison table

Name Dimensions ( inch) Weight Price
Greenworks 40V 185 Vacuum 32.5 x 8.5 x 11 5.6 Pounds
BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 15.6 x 20.8 x 9.9 8.1 pounds
Toro 51619 Ultra Electric 9 x 41 x 14 8.5 pounds
BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 16 x 11.6 x 21.3 11.1 pounds
Husqvarna Handheld Blower 69.5 x 17 x 15 14.7 pounds
WORX WG518 1Leaf Blower 40 x 11.7 x 10 10.8 pounds

Top 7 best leaf vacuum Reviews - Below

Are you concerned about the budget? But want to give a beautiful look to your garden nonetheless?

Greenworks 24322 is one of the best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher as it comes with good power, excellent quality, and a budget-friendly price tag. You will be able to mulch dry and wet leaves equally well as it has a maximum airspeed of 185 MPH and a maximum air volume of 340 CFM.

The Greenworks 24322 comes with a brushless motor that provides better power with more torque and extended run time. This cordless leaf blower includes one battery, charger. Also, there are two nozzles, and one of them is for vacuuming and the other one for blow function. The battery of this blower uses lithium-ion technology, and it has an onboard life indicator. This leaf blower can be used for up to 60 minutes continuously after every full charge.

If you want to use it as basic blowing, then this is the best cordless leaf vacuum as it has a lightweight design and quite good at blowing and mulching the leaves.


The BLACK+DECKER BV5600 is all in one blower vacuum mulcher which can perform as three different tasks seamlessly. With a 12-amp electric motor, this blower has enough power to blow and mulch a large number of dirt and leaves. It is a hassle-free blower that allows you to switch back and forth between the mulcher and blower much quickly. The maximum airspeed of this blower is 250 MPH which why it can easily blow debris and leaves. Those speed options offer you to adjust speed whenever you move the blower to one area to others.

It includes a high-impact metal fan which prevents clogging when it is used as a mulcher. Also, another great thing about this blower is it is a quieter leaf blower as its noise level is just 68 dBA. It is also a lightweight option with just 8 pounds. This powerful leaf blower is an ideal option for multi-use such as for flower beds, gardening, driveways, lawns, and some others.


Toro 31619 Ultra Browser/Vac is one of the best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher as It can clean and mulch down any amount of leaves from the garden. It is well-made and also feels quite sturdy at hand. Toro 51619 can perform equally well as a vacuum, a leaf blower, and a mulcher and it is one of the best commercial leaf vacuum out there.

It includes a dedicated mechanism that allows you to switch it from one operation mode to another easily. Toro 51619 also includes a vacuum bag that is spacious and very convenient for storage. If you have a moderate size yard where you need to clean debris and leaves, then Toro 51619 is a great option to choose from. It is a corded leaf blower that’s why you can’t expect it to have mobility as a cordless leaf blower mulcher. But It still can perform well to clean any garden like the cordless ones.


The BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 40-V makes it pretty easy to clean up leaves and debris in your home garden or lawn. It is a cordless sweeper vacuum cleaner, and it is ideal for cleaning many surfaces such as sidewalks, garages, driveways, decks and some other hard surfaces like leaves, grass clippings, and other lawn debris.

It includes a rechargeable battery that can provide you great power for a long time. The BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 comes with Power command Controls which is used to alter speed for generating maximum power and speed. This leaf blower features low noise design so that you can keep quiet while using it. This cordless blower is also available in a built-in scraper for loosening leaves and debris. The handle is comfortable to hold it during the cleaning. Overall It is an environment-friendly blower which you can get at a cheap price tag, and you can surely do quite a lot vacuuming blowing and mulching with it.


If you’re searching for a gas-powered blower, then the Husqvarna 125BVx will surely go with your requirement. It comes with a cruise-control function that maintains the fan speed. Husqvarna 125BVx includes an adjustable soft-grip handle for a secure hold. The maximum airspeed of this blower is 170 MPH, and The tube of this blower has a flare nozzle that helps to work with higher airspeed consistently. This handheld blower can be used as a lawn vacuum too. It includes a vacuum bag that allows you to collect debris and store it there. The weight is just 9.4 pounds, and the sound level is 94 dB. It is a handheld vacuum blower that has enough power and versatility to be the best cordless leaf vacuum.


If you’re searching for a powerful leaf blower that performs well and also has an affordable price tag then this WORX WG518 highly recommended for you. It comes with all the necessary features that a leaf blower needs to have including long tube, dust tube, and short tube, a wide nozzle, a hose, and a cover. It is a very low price leaf blower so anyone can purchase it.

WORX WG518 is designed in such a way so that users can easily carry and use it. This leaf blower includes a powerful 12 amp motor with variable speed controls, and it provides maximum airspeed of 250 MPH. WORX WG518 is very efficient at mulching large piles of leaves due to its 16:1 ratio. WORX WG518 can perform greatly on hard surfaces. It is an environment-friendly leaf blower that can provide an excellent service for cleaning your lawn. Though it is a low price leaf blower it still provides quality performance.


#7 Patriot Products CBV-2455H - walk behind leaf vacuum mulcher

If you are looking a walk behind leaf vacuum mulcher then you can go with “Patriot Products CBV-2455H” vacuum. You get three in one. One is Leaf Vacuum and Chipper and then Blower. with this, Handles wet leaves pretty well in moderation. The vacuum power is very good. The Blower is very strong and works good on dry leaves.

Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher - Buying Guide

Leaf Vacuum Mulcher reviews

Here are some critical pointers to keep in mind when choosing the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher.

What is the Mulching ratio?

The mulching ratio is the leaf vacuums mulchers the ability to shred the leaves and turn them into usable mulch. A higher mulching ratio is better for shredding the leaves. So it is better to pick a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher that has a ratio of at least 10:1.

What is the size of the dirtbag?

It is quite essential to know what is the capacity of the dirtbag if you have a pretty decent sized lawn. Because with a larger dirtbag you will be work on a much larger area

Weight – It is indefinitely better to find out how much does it weight if you dont want to carry off something cumbersome

Warranty – Find out about the warranty of the mulcher you are getting if you want to avoid spending your money on some product that doesn’t give a good deal on the warranty.

What are the types of leaf vacuum?

When it comes to the types of leaf vacuum, we are essentially talking about how the leaf vacuum is being powered, and this determines what type of leaf vacuum it is. There two most common types of leaf vacuum out there and they are the gas leaf vacuum and electric vacuum. 

Though gas-powered leaf vacuums are still being used quite a lot, the electric leaf vacuums are the more popular options right now as they are lighter and more flexible to work with. However, there are two types of electric vacuum out there, and they are the corded and corded ones.

Accessories   – A leaf vacuum won’t work well without the necessary accessories. Although it will depend on precisely what type of leaf vacuum you have got, here are what we deem as essential accessories for both the cordless and corded Leaf Vacuum Mulcher.

Battery  – It is way better to keep some replacement battery at your hand rather than waiting for the battery on your cordless leaf blower to die suddenly.

Extension cord – If you have got a corded leaf blower, you will need an extension cord as you will be mostly working on the outdoor and this will help you cover a large area with much ease.

FAQ - Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

How to switch from the leaf vacuum to the blower?

Most of the models come with a switch for automatically switch from the blower to the vacuum mode and vice versa. If it has to be done manually, your blowers tube may need to be twisted into anti-clockwise or some other direction. Check just the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website for the proper information.

Can you use a leaf vacuum on gravel?

It is not recommended at all to use your leaf blower on the gravel as it can greatly damage the impellers inside.


Leaf Vacuum Mulcher is not hard to come by now but finding the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher is quite tricky as there are lots of new leaf Vacuum Mulcher coming out. Our leaf vacuum reviews tried to make it as effortless as possible to find the best one for your lawn and garden. So get one and be prepared whenever the winter arrives.

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  1. I absolutely love this Greenworks Leaf Vacuum. My old one finally died on me after 5 years so I thought I’d try out the Blower/Vacuum version. So, I read the article about that leaf vacuum and got the same product from amazon.

  2. Leaf vaccum Maulcher items are really nice. There is no alternative. Anyone who needs it can buy it very cheaply from here. Detailed information about Leaf Cleaner is provided on your page. There is no scope for an inefficient person to hesitate to simply select his preferred cleaner.
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  3. I absolutely love this vacuum. I’ve kept my yard free of the mounds of leaves. I’ve also managed to save a large area of grass from being suffocated from the leaves. The grass is coming back quick and thick. I use the vacuum about 15 minutes every other day and my yard looks beautiful again, I made this purchase for the vacuum only… and I’m very happy that I did.

  4. My lawn was dirty all the time. Because all the leaf blowing vacuum cleaner, i bought was not good at work. But by your detailed information about the vacuums help me to find the right one for me. BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 40-V is one of the best vacuums for using. It has rechargeable battery to use. So there is no tension for me about wires and plugging.
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