Top 7 Best Vacuum for vinyl plank floors Reviews & Comprehensive Buying Guide

When it comes vacuum cleaning generally we understand the cleaning of carpets, sofas and not much else. But if you have vinyl plank floor, you can use the Best Vacuum Cleaner for vinyl plank floors and make your floor shiny and neat. It is why you need to carefully choose the best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors.  Some people confused with vinyl plank and vinyl sheet. Vinyl plank floor is somewhat hardwood type while the vinyl sheet is nothing but a large sheet, so there is a difference between them, but you can use a vacuum for both floors.

“If you are in hurry then you check this one! –  Coredy Robot Vacuum for vinyl plank floors, Fully Upgraded Multi Functional

As we are talking about the best cordless vacuum for vinyl plank flooring, one vital problem of cleaning vinyl plank floor is to avoid scratches and clean gently. As because vinyl plank floor is moisture-resistant its easier to clean. But they pose a challenge if become damaged in extreme cold and heat. Because of excessive heat or cold, they tend to lose the sparkle over time and not to refine or even to polish bring back.

So, if you are looking for the Best stick vacuum for vinyl plank floors, then you are in the right place. Because in this review we are en detail going to discuss 5 Best vacuum for vinyl plank floors with completely useful information. So, we hope you will be with us and benefited from this article:

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner for vinyl floor

Pure Clean Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wifi Mobile App and Gyroscope Mapping

  • Assign a Vacuuming Zone
  • Improved Smart Protection
  • Dual Anti-Collision System
  • Slim Body Design
  • Move Effortlessly
  • 1400pa Strong Suction
  • Endurance Vacuuming
  • Automatically Recharge
  • Wet Dry Mop

Top 5 Best Vacuum for vinyl plank floors Reviews


  • As this robot vacuum has long 200 minutes charging time, you can vacuum or mop your house in a single time. Moreover, it employs Smart Navy technology and clean and navigate as an interactive mop for vinyl and other types of floor.
  • The setting is also customizable and a separate water reservoir work as a mopping function slotted in the back. This vacuum also has a microfiber pad for cleaning disposals and a cloth plate to pick up the dust and debris.
  • Its called 2-in-1 robot vacuum as you can do mopping and vacuuming together. It ensures the OZMO system mopping technology that works best in Hardfloor, including vinyl floor, and you can control the water level through App.
  • Many people think that as its work in Hardfloor it may not work in carpet and rugs. But Ecovacs is totally different and while mopping it will automatically avoid the carpet area. But while vacuum it will do vacuum in carpet area also. So, it’s a multi-level the best robot vacuum for vinyl floor.
  • It has 3 levels (Normal, Max, Max plus) of suction point and optimized channel. So, it can suck and clean up from large debris to the smallest particles.


  • This device scrubs the floor 1000 times per minutes and can remove all stuck dirt’s and surface dirt’s that causes bad odor or stain in the floor and carpet. It used integrated brush technology and focused strictly on removing any dirt efficiently.
  • It’s lightweight and comes with a slim design. Its only half weighted compare to the regular vacuum cleaner. Its cleaning unit is also larger and no need to carry a separate tanker full of water to operate this machine. Its design for daily uses.
  • Furthermore, it works as an anti-allergens and easily cleans any dirt, grime, dust. It also removes any unpleasant odors and cleans any stains from the floor and carpet.
  • We love one thing of Shark sonic vacuum cleaner is you don’t have to wait for hours and hours to let the floor dry after cleaning. As because this vacuum cleaner uses a low moisture cleaning solution, it will dry automatically as soon as the vacuum has done.
  • Additionally, ist impressive scrubbing technique removes all the dirt with its reusable cleaning pads. The pads have the green color trim color and use non-toxic chemicals.
  • The vacuum is corded, and therefore you can do unlimited cleaning just by plug in the vacuum anywhere anytime.


  • To perform deep cleaning, you can blindly rely on this vacuum. Because it can provide 9kps suction power which is enough for deep cleaning. Moreover, its called 2-in-1 vacuum because it’s cordless and have full 180-degree rotating power to any direction. So, if you have heard to reach the place, don’t worry. You can use this in any low-profile sofas, cracks or beds.
  • In addition, it follows mother head technology and directly drives off nylon bristles brushes. So, these types of brush suck almost all the dust and debris capture in any hardwood or carpet floor.
  • Likewise, this vacuum can run for a very long time. Nearly 35 minutes continuous cleaning it can perform with strong suction. Plus, it’s advanced BMS intelligent design technology and 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery make the life so long. It won’t take more than 3 hours for a complete charge, and you can do whole-house cleaning with a single charge.
  • Want soothing more! Yes, it has. It has 4 stages completely sealed high-efficiency filtration system that traps nearly 99.97% particles. Even a smallest 0.3 microns dirt it can clean without leakage and expels full-fresh non-allergenic air and prevent air pollution.
  • Finally, it’s user-friendly as it can wall mount easily for space-saving. Its also has a washable HEPA filter and full 2 years warranty.


  • Do you feel a bit annoyed to recharge your vacuum cleaner more frequently? It is a main problem with a cordless vacuum cleaner. That’s why most of the people choose corded vacuum-like Oreck Commercial vacuum. It has a long 50 feet power cord, and you can not only move room to room, but you can move floor to floor.
  • This vacuum supports multi-floor cleaning and takes care of the vinyl plank floor more efficiently. Because it scrubs and polishes the carpets as well as the carpets. By using different attachment it does a great job in grooves and any uneven tile and textured surfaces.
  • Besides this, this vacuum is versatile and actually maintenance-free. This machine will help you to sparkle any types of floor you want. As because it has wide 13-inches cleaning path and lots of combination of brush, cleaning products and right pads this vacuum can perform cleaning work quite perfect way.
  • The other most important feature is it has a random orbital drive and unique design. The hard brush head moves towards the orbital pattern and allows the vacuum to glide over the floor more easily. It also prevents swirls, gouges, and different brush marks.
  • Now in terms of usability, this vacuum has oscillating motion which is enough to maintain any commercial and industrial floor. It’s very easy to operate, and you will experience no torque, no sanding marks, no brush marks, no big bills, and so on.


  • The most eye-catching feature of this upright vacuum is its suction. It is well-equipped with never loses suction technology and produces consistent cleaning as long as the vacuum goes. Moreover, the strong suction lifts almost all the smallest particles, including litters, dirt, pets, food etc. from the floor and carpet.
  • It performs deepest clean and can clean every hard-to-reach can clean the pet’s hair from the deepest part of the couch because it designed with a long crevice tool that helps you to reach the tight corners of cabinets, cupboards, furniture and so on.
  • Besides the suction, it also has a strong non-allergen HEPA filtration system. This filtration incorporates complete seal technology and assures that the air remains fresh and dust-free in your home. It also provides bacteria-free, anti-allergens fresh air.
  • We could not but give especial thanks to its swivel steering that makes easy maneuver of the machine. It became very easy to move one place to another. Finally, this upright vacuum is a perfect reliable vacuum and great for both household and office cleaning jobs.


How to Select the best vacuum for vinyl plank floors

Suction  – Powerful suction is a must for vinyl plank floor. Usually, some vacuum cleaner comes with strong suction, and some come with powerful brushing system. As vinyl plank floor is scratch-resistant sensitive so, it would be better if you choose the best vacuum for the vinyl floor with strong suction power and try to avoid brushing system as they can be harmful to the vinyl floor.

Filter System – A good filtration system releases the dust and dirt from the air and produces a purifying pure refresh air that is produced by the vacuum cleaner. Basically, there are two types of filtration system available. HEPA and without HEPA filtration system. If you don’t have any dust allergy problem, you can go for no HEPA filtration system. These are comparatively cheap. But if you have an allergy problem and looking for something anti-pollutants system, then HEPA would be the best. 

Weight – Usually, vacuum-cleaning involves a lot of pulling, lifting and pushing. So, for easy manoeuvre, you may need lightweight, easy to handle, portable vacuum cleaner.  As per vinyl plank floor, concern try to purchase as much lightweight vacuum as possible. With this also think of accuracy and performance.

Additional Features – It’s very important. Because the more you have additional tools, the more you can use your vacuum cleaner in multiple ways. So, don’t forget to check whether your costly vacuum cleaner offers a number of accessories such as crack and crevice tool, upholstery tool, extra pets hair brush, cleaning tool, brush rolls, headlights and so on to clean your dark regions areas. 


In order to get the best vacuum for vinyl floor either for your house or for office floor, you need to know and research very well about the mentioned factors above. With this, you can also consider multiple online reviews before deciding your final choice. From our part, we think out top 5 are truly the best vacuum for vinyl floor and you can take one of this for sure under consideration.  All performed well and designed with unique features. So, without waste any more time order from here and get the benefit for a lifetime.

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