Best Way to Clean Weathertech Floor Mats

In this article we explain best way to clean weathertech floor mats.

Sometimes a rainy season becomes annoying and messy for a car owner. Floor mats help to keep clean your car, but it is itself become dirty over time. However, as you are here, I assume that you need help cleaning weathertech mats. Below I will explain step by step how you keep weathertech carpets looking new.  Keep in touch with the blog until the last word.

–  “We’ve used WeatherTech floor mats & liners in our vehicles for several years now and love their fit and durability, and the protection they provide for the carpets.” –

You may not be satisfied to clean only weather tech floor mats. You also need a multi-functional specialize vacuum cleaner for your car. Here we reviewed some powerful vacuum for car detailing.

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Best Way to Clean Weathertech Floor Mats - 4 steps to keep always new Look

#1 Get off and Shake out the Weathertech Floor Mats

Slowly put off the retention hooks from your cars’ floor mats. And then you need to get rid of the dirt. To remove the trash, you can use a water hose. You may use your water hose as like jet setting to lift away any small dust and dirt.

#2 Wash It with A Mixture of Mild Liquid Detergent and Water

You can manage a few drops of mild laundry in a bucket and fill it with clean water. Take a soft cleaning brush and then scrub both sides of the mad. Mixed liquid laundry and water are good enough as a weathertech cleaner. By the way, you can wash with specially formulated soap. It may help with shining weathertech floor mats, but some may cause harm to the carpets. However, there is some good weathertech cleaner available on the market.

While buying a cleaner, try to keep in mind these points.

  • Do not use heavy abrasive.
  • Try to use phosphate-free cleaner.
  • Do not use a silicone-based agent. Silicone makes your mats slippery.

 Or How to clean weathertech floor mats in the Bathtub –

  • Close the drain of your bathtub. Put a few drops of a light liquid dish, or you can add liquid laundry detergent too. And then fill the bathtub with water. It is recommended not to use harsher chemicals and silicone-based products.
  • And then, follow the guidelines as I have explained in this article.
  • Rinse it out and dry up

You can use your water hose to rinse out all traces of soap. Refill your tub with clean water. After cleaning the soap, Dry the floor mats using a soft towel or via an air-dry before weathertech floor mat dressing.

#3 How to Make WeatherTech Mats Look New again

Your floor mats require more than just regular cleaning.

There is a way of how to make rubber floor mats shine. Once you finished the cleaning process, it is time for conditioning. Conditioning floor mats can look them new. Conditioner provides a strong and durable anti-slip condition. There is some quality floor mat protector available on the marketplace. Choose any one of them and spray gently over the entire weathertech floor mat. And then spread the spray with a damp sponge. Make it dry up. Looks shining, right?

#4 Reinstall

When you are ready to install the floor mats, make sure, it is on the appropriate side of the car. There is a slight difference between the driver side and passenger side. Then you need to reattach all the retention hooks you put off to ensure the mat does not slip out from its place.

And double-check whether your weathertech floor mats interfere with the pedals. If your carpets make disturbance with brakes, it may cause dangerous consequences.

how do you keep weathertech mats looking new - At a Glance

  1. Hose them down.
  2. Use an All Purpose Cleaner (APC).
  3. Scrub it.
  4. Rinse away and dry up.

Final Words

This is the detailed weathertech floor mat cleaner process you will ever have on the internet. Whatever the result of a snowy winter or muddy summer, your floor mats can be dirty a lot. However, It is nothing to be panic. You can clean it on your own with the right product and procedure. It is just a simple and painless cleaning hour.

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