Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Review

Will you agree with me hand-cleaning always takes a longer time than vacuum cleaning? However, sometimes it is tuff to get a powerful, robust vacuum within a limited budget. So, here we are with Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Review. This reviews specifically for them who are looking best vacuum under 200 for their smart home.


But do we have chosen Eufy out of thousand upright vacuums? Well, the straightforward answer is some of its functions are same as $500 or above-priced vacuum cleaner. Although you may not get all the requirements, we assure you will get “BETTER PERFORMANCE VACUUM” under cost consideration.

So what is there in Eufy? That we will see in the features part but one of the main reasons dislike this product is it is cordless. But you will say that is not all lacks after started using it. Moreover, it makes the cleaning work simple, shorten and enjoyable.

Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Review - Features

  • The attractive feature of this vacuum is it works in a 180-degree rotation like a circle. So, it will clean up everything around you.
  • It contains a smooth open dirt cup with 0.9 liters capacity. It is also easy to clean.
  • You can use this in 2 ways. Depending on the situation you can use it for both stick and handheld vacuum.
  • It contains 2 user-friendly filters. It also ensures the removal of 100% allergens and makes the air dust-free.
  • You can perform continuously 50 minutes vacuuming with a 2200 mAh battery without charging.
  • It is best for hard floor cleaning. Particularly for large debris and garbage like pet food, cereal or small particles.
  • Besides this, it has a 28.8-volt cyclonic filtration system and delivers strong suction to any area.
  • Although no dedicated attachments are there with Eufy, it performs quite well with rotating brush head.

How much is the battery life?

  • Answer: 22 minutes on high and 50 minutes on low.

Can we use it for carpet or rug?

  • Answer: it is good not to use it.

Is it the cord or cordless?

  • Answer: it is cordless and battery oriented.

What will we get with the vacuum?

  • Wall mount with accessories
  • AC power adapter.
  • User manual
  • Warranty card.

Conclusion – From our Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Review, you have understood it is inexpensive, lightweight and Middle-Of-The-Road vacuum within a decent price.

Though you may not fall in love because of performance you are not going to hate either. Finally, after justifying all, if you are interested, you can proceed to order without delay. And we guarantee you will not be looser.

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