How to Choose Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaner – Comprehensive Guide

This is our ultimate guide for Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning out our garages, not many of us look at using an appropriate vacuum cleaner which can be used solely for the garage area.

However, this is one part of the home whereby you can not only find a dedicated vacuum that does the job for your specific garage floor type, but you can also purchase from a variety of wall mounted garage vacuum cleaners. This ensures you get the job done quickly and can pack it away when it’s not in use.

Here are some features that you might find helpful when looking at purchasing a vacuum cleaner for a garage.

Make Sure Your Vacuum Cleaner Has the Right Attachments (Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum)

With this being an area most likely to play home to many random storage items, a garage is usually a place where there are several types of products stacked in many different places. This means you may have to look at a vacuum that allows for greater maneuverability and is able to get into many corners and edges, underneath items and even above items.

An upright vacuum is therefore not going to be the best for the job if you know that you’ll need to be vacuuming in various small and tight spaces. If you do have a carpeted garage, and not much in the way of stuff around it, an upright model could be okay for your needs here, especially as upright vacuums are often more powerful on carpets – but they do not come with many additional tools to hand.

Look for such vacuums with different sized and shaped nozzles, as well as many practical attachment tools that you think you will benefit from in the garage here. Many garage vacuums will offer additional floor brushes and carpet attachments which are great for rugged areas or smaller carpeted sections of your garage.

Select the most powerful wall mounted garage vacuum

The garage is usually an area where people don’t really mind making as much of a mess as if they would if they were inside of the home, for example. This is usually because a garage is often one of the areas of the house which is likely to receive less traffic to it. The garage is also more than often an area of the home where you can work on tasks, projects, and ventures which inevitably cause a bit of a mess.

Therefore, when it comes to selecting the best vacuum cleaner for your needs here, you’ll need to aim for the more powerful of specifications. This is particularly important if the dirt and grime you encounter in the garage on a regular basis aren’t quite as easy to shift using a more conventional type of vacuum, which you would primarily use in the home for example.

Some people like to select industrial strength vacuum cleaners to use in their garage. Usually, they find that such models are the only ones that can offer the larger sized powerful watt motors that can deal with such requirements, alongside providing a powerful suction ability and an excellent filtration system also.

Can Your Vacuum Cleaner Be Easily Stored Away in Your Garage?

Vacuum cleaners aren’t usually the easiest and streamline of products to pack away so quickly! The somewhat awkward shape of most vacuum models makes them quite clumsy when it comes to storing them away when not in use.

If you’re looking to keep your vacuum in the garage, chances are that you’ll not want to leave it lying around in harm’s way, or for anyone to fall and trip over in this often hazardous of areas. This means that the shape and style of your vacuum will play a massive part in your overall purchasing decision here.

Luckily there are some wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaners which are designed primarily for this and offer a practical storage solution. This makes them an excellent idea for the garage as they can be installed in the best place and out of sight if you would prefer not to have them on the show.

What’s more, several wall-mounted vacuum cleaners now come as cordless vacuums which is a great idea if you don’t want to be trailing a wire around in this area, or if you are limited on socket space in your garage. Even better is that these types of vacuum cleaners actually charge as they are mounted on the wall, meaning should you ever have to use them quickly, you just take them off the wall and switch them straight on to go.

Does Your Vacuum Cleaner Have the Ability to Handle Both Wet and Dry Floors? (garage wet dry vacuum wall mount)

With most garage floors differing substantially from that of inside the home, you need to make sure that the vacuum cleaner you purchase for this area is able to cope with the necessary floor type.

Most garages are hard floor types and therefore will accumulate not just soils and debris but also liquid spillages which lay on the surface of the floor. If your garage is used on a regular basis, say for fixing things, or working on your car for example, then you’ll more likely need a vacuum which can handle a lot of additional debris, including spillages, with most of these presenting a challenging problem compared to that of the floors in your home.

Think about if you’ll need a combined wet and dry vacuum or will you have to look at both a wet and a dry purchase? Not all standard vacuums will fare well with vacuuming over slippery surfaces, so if you find that the problems in your garage are more in liquid form, you may want to reassess whether a wet and dry would be better suited to your needs here.

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