Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum – Which one is best for you?

Not sure Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum which is best for you. I’m here to guide you.

With the altering seasons, allergens trigger our immune system cells to free certain chemicals leading to several allergies and asthma problems. So, the precautionary measure is needed before triggering into its acuteness.

The significance of vacuum cleaner can’t be overflowed. The vacuum cleaner not only cleans the hygiene but also ensures allergies and asthma free air. It keeps surrounding allergies and asthma free.


It doesn’t a silly task choosing the best vacuum cleaner for allergies and asthma. In our post, we break down all necessary and critical attributes before buying a vacuum cleaner those who allergy sufferer. However, when it confronts buying, there are several things to check for. Let’s move on-

Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum - Be Guided

Filtration system – When we talk about the filtration system, the first thing might come with us named Hepa Filtration system. This technology is effective to capture 99.97% dust and other disgusting substance in the air. So, we have to make sure whether the Hepa filtration system is included and replace it from time to time.

I will like to state some more benefits of high-efficiency particulate filters-

  • This will help to degrade possibilities of asthma flare-ups and also helps to reduce smoke and dust from the air.
  • They also aid in waning the risk of allergic reactions. It is familiar with as an allergy vacuum cleaner.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner

There are exist two types of vacuum cleaner an upright vacuum and a canister vacuum cleaner. An upright vacuum cleaner is a traditional vacuum cleaner. It comes with the motor and the suction head of this cleaner are in the same unit. On the other hand, a canister vacuum has its cleaning nozzle connecting the unit with a hose. The unit contains the filters, engine and dust bags.

The traditional upright vacuum cleaner is suitable for those who have rooms with wall to wall carpets. On the contrary, a canister vacuum cleaner is suitable for those places if you lots of bare floors in your house.

Bagged or Bagless vacuum

Some vacuum cleaners are bagged and some vacuum cleaners are bagless.

The bagged vacuum cleaner has a replaceable bag to capture dirt. When the bag full, then the bagged is replaced.

Using filter the bagless vacuum cleaner capture dirt in a chamber or dirt cup. Then the chamber is evacuated when it is full.

Both types of vacuum cleaner have pros and cons. Before buying decision, you should see the pros and cons of the vacuum cleaner.

Pros of Bagged Vacuum cleaners

  • The dirt is carefully captured in a closed bag.
  • This aids you to easily delete and dispose of the bag without the contents of the bag scattering around your surroundings.
  • This aids you to keep dirt out of your homes.


  • Very expensive because you need a new bag when the former is full.
  • Its performance is decreasing when it gets full.

Pros of Bagless Vacuum cleaners

  • It is less expensive because you don’t have a replaceable bag.
  • It’s quite eco-friendly too.


  • It is not suitable for allergy sufferers as they will be exposed to the dust and allergens they are trying to avoid.

The Suction Power of the Unit – When you pick up a vacuum cleaner, you should consider the suction figures and not the wattage of the unit.So, higher suction figures are needed to pick up dirt the fast and quickly and moved away in the vacuum system.

In Conclusion

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you should sort out some important factors.

The above factor is important and you should consider them. Especially, you are an allergy sufferer, you should see the things, whether the vacuum cleaner reduces the dust, allergens and irritant particles.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Best of luck!

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