Top 5 Best Vacuum for Bed Bugs in 2023 – Comprehensive Guide

In the last couple of months, I have been bitten by bedbugs and had to deal with this problem. If you have been bitten by fleas, mites, or bedbugs you may have an infestation in your home, office, such as on one or more of your pets, and should try to find the infestation and get rid of it.

In this article, I will give a comprehensive guide on how to eliminate bed bugs and the best vacuum for bed bugs.

You mayn’t want to go with insecticides, So A bed bug vacuum and steamers may be the right solution for you.

Most of the time It attacks when we sleep Or take rest on the bed, Sofa Or mattress. Nobody likes to get disturb when we take rest and it’s annoying.

Moreover, Take a look at some of our favorites vacuum for bed bugs.

Some Recommended Bed Bugs Vacuums

Our Top Pick! - Best Bed Bugs Vacuum

Housmile 804 Anti Dust Mites UV Vacuum CleanerHousmile 804 Anti Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner Eliminates Mites and Bed Bugs 

  • HEPA Filtration
  • 8.5Kpa power suction
  • Rotates 3800 times per minute
  • 350 watts of power
  • 9.9 x 4.7 x 6.8 inches
  • 3.3 pounds

Atrix is a well-known name in the market when we go to purchase the best backpack vacuums. It is considered for bed bugs and their eggs, the atrix bug sucker backpack vacuum. The atrix Vacbp1 HEPA backpack vacuum is perfect for commercial and residential vacuum cleaning. This portable and corded backpack vacuum are suitable for cleaning home, classroom and office also.

This is an Ergonomic backpack vacuum, the weighs are only 10 so you can imagine it is also a lightweight backpack vacuum. The adjustable belt loop contains storage for the accessories to easily transition for any job performed. The user is able to convert to left hand and right hand easily.

This powerful backpack blower vacuum you can use it for both commercial and residential cleaning needs. Besides bed bugs you can use it for pest control, hotels, hospitals, school, offices, warehouses, stairs, ceilings, entryways, furniture, drapes and reach hard corners.

Importantly, it comes with 120-volt backpack vacuum packs whopping 1,400 watts of cleaning power. It has a cubic foot per minute output of 106 CFM. It included 6 hosen, blower adapter; exhaust filter cover, furniture nozzle, and creative tool, round brush, floor brush, air drive brush and much more.


Housmile anti-dust mites lightweight and compact best vacuum for bed bugs designed for mattresses and cloth sofas, An easy lift-off UV Hand Vacuum.

By detaching the UV hand vacuum you can use it for mites, bed bugs and allergens on fabric sofas, toys, carpet, curtain, pet and many more.
It makes easy to remove difficult and invisible mites like spiders, adsorbed in the bedding. Sometimes it helps to absorb dust. High-frequency vibration and Double powerful suction aid to attract the dust and mites on upper and base then suck thoroughly.

It has 253.7 nm UV tube sterilization and 55℃ high-temperature hot air facilities to ensure the high efficiency of killing mites. The bed bugs, mites, and the bacteria-killing rate are almost up to 99.7%. Advance Hepa filtration release the fresh air. So you don’t need to buy an extra filters.


This best bed bug vacuum name is “Ergo”. It is easy to carry and use. It is a lightweight vacuum that weighs only 10.3 pounds. It perfects for cleaning home, Hospital, Schools. Libraries, hotels, and commercial buildings.

The Atris Ergo Backpack Vacuum cleaner includes various accessories. The extension wand, 3 blower nozzles, Furniture nozzle, Creative tool, round brush, and floor brush included. These accessories allow you to clean bed bugs easily.

Atrix has a powerful strong suction 120V 12Amp Motor. Overall this is the best vacuum for bed bugs.


Moonxiao handheld vacuum is a lightweight great vacuum for bed bugs. Bed Bugs don’t stay always on the Mattresses and Pillows. Sometimes they live on cloth, sofas, and carpets.

This Bed Bugs vacuum has a UB light for Sterilizing. This vacuum rated power is 300w and dust box capacity 500ml. weighs only 1.22kg and power cable 3.8m. The powerful suction helps you to vacuum dirt, mites, dander, etc. It has a warm air outlet to make your bed dry and comfy.

Additionally, High frequency beating head help you to collect the mites and dust. You can use this vacuum as a wet dry vacuum to dry your bed and sofa.


Ivation 1800W Canister is a best bed bugs vacuum. This is versatile vacuum for home steaming and cleaning. It works great for clothing, hardwood floor, windows, ovens, curtains and beyond.

This has 14 piece accessories that give you a flexible cleaning mode. With these tool you able to reach any tough area. Tool are Steam Cleaner ( able to clean hardwood floor, carpet floor, tile Floor, Granite, Marble. Bedding, Car Seat also), Steam Gun gives you full control to clean. Rotating Brush, Brush Holder, Window Squeegee, Round Bristle Brush (Both Large & Small ), Angled Power Jet tip, Floor Scrub Adapter, Small Adepter, Extension tubes, Cleaning Cloths, Measuring cup, Funnel.

Most Importantly, You will get a user guide with details instructions.


The Vapamore MR-100 steam Cleaning is a varsatile machine. Highly rated Steam Cleaner. It is a chamical free deep cleaner for the kitchen, bathroom, garage ,backyard, BBQ gril, home ,office even floors.  It able to kill bed bugs, dust mites and removes dirt, grease, grime and stains.


How do you choose the Best vacuum for Bed Bugs

It’s sometimes difficult to pick the best vacuum for bed bugs. Either, You go for best bed bugs steamer or best bed bugs vacuum. Whatever you think, You have to consider some things to select the best bed bugs vacuum and Steamers. A right product can give you release from the bed bugs and Insects attack and make your life more comfortable.

Ease of Use – Everyone wants to get a suitable vacuum cleaner for use smoothly. As it will work most of the time on the bed so you have to see how easy to use it. Either you can go with a portable bed bug vacuum cleaner. A portable vacuum gives you to move around the bed. you can feel comfortable cleaning all the parts of the bed from all angles. The product must be easy to assemble and have to have clear instructions to set up manually.

Powerful Suction – Definitely, You see the suction power for bed bugs vacuum. Powerful Suction sometimes gives you to create some extra advantage to kill and clean bed bugs. It also captures more dirt.

Bed Bugs normally live on the mattress and sofa sometimes inside of the mattress and sofa. Without powerful suction, it would be tough to capture and trap in the dust bin.

How do you vacuum for bed bugs?

A vacuum can help you to reduce the number of bed bugs in a different location especially where bed bugs are the group. There are some great tips that help you vacuum for bed bugs.

  • Make sure you have a powerful suction.
  • Use crevice tools attached to the vacuum. Bed bugs have the ability to cling to fabric.
  •  Don’t press too hard on the fabric. There is a chance that you can shake bed bugs and their eggs off the surface instead of capturing theme.
  • Bed Bugs can survive in a hose of the vacuum cleaner. It’s important to remove bed bugs from the vacuum while you are vacuum so that they don’t escape.
  • If the vacuum doesn’t have a bad then empty and discards the contents in a plastic bag.
  • If you have a plan to use the vacuum in another place for bed bugs eliminate. Place the tape over the nozzle to prevent bed bug escaping and end of the day discard the vacuum contents.

What kind of steamer kills bed bugs?

To kill bed bugs steamer is a very effective way in all the stages. If applied perfectly. When using steam as a treatment of bed bugs quality is very important.

Try to use commercial steamer with a minimum capacity of 1 gallon. Don’t use a carpet cleaner. A carpet cleaner machine can’t reach high enough temperature to kill bed bugs. As a steamer is expensive foe oner person to purchase ( approximately is price $600-$1100). This is steamer I found with reasonable price and versatile highly powerful. Check it Now Wagner Spraytech SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Home Steamer Steam Cleaner.

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