Top 7 Best Pet Stain Remover for Carpets Reviews – Buying Guide

This is a very well researched article you have got ever for best pet stain remover for carpets.

I love my Pets and carpets and you also too. But no one likes to see a dirty carpet in our house. Our pet and cat they leave on our carpets muddy paws, urine, vomit, and who knows what else.

But many pet owners use a traditional cleaner that contains lots of chemicals. But sometimes these odors and stains cleaning method is effective but they can be causes short or long term health issues for pets and children.

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So you are thinking, what is the alternative. Right?  Pretty simple! Use the best carpet stain and odor remover for dog urine. Not only that, now in the market available the best pet stain remover machine to make your life enjoyable and get the release.

I reviewed the best pet stain remover for carpets to find the best of the best, based on features such as stain-removing ability, odor-removing ability, and quality of ingredients and so on.

Let’s begin and pick the best one.

top rated best pet stain remover for carpet reviews - below

Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover Eliminator is a should-get for a new dog or puppy owners.

trinova pet stain & odor remover 100% natural cleaner for removing old and new pet stains and smells out for dogs and cats. It smells good and easy to use . It has included advance Enzyme cleaner spray. It has made 100% natural ingredients (powered by plants) but is as effective as cleaners containing harsh chemicals. So you don’t have to worry about the health of your pets or the humans in your home. Even this product is saved for young kids.

I have chosen this one as the best pet stain remover for carpets but you use it on most surfaces like bedding, mattress, cage, kennel, laundry, clothes, and hardwood floor. In addition, it can be used for your small animals such a hamsters, rat and mice cages.


  • All-natural formula
  • Professional Strength
  • Dissolves stains

Rocco & Roxie is a certified stain, pet urine, and odor remover’s works great on carpet and upholstery and gets release rid of the stain and odor problems. Not only work on carpet but also work great on concrete and tile floors, hardwood floors, and laundry. It also perfects to remove tough pet stains and odors.

This pet stain carpet cleaner is greatly capable of incredible thinks with completely neutralizes odors. If you are looking for the best pet stain remover form the carpet. this one will be a great choice for smooth cleaning your carpet. Consider it for high-quality performance.


  • Chlorine Free and Gentle on your carpets
  • Completely remove tough stains and odors
  • Professional strength formula

Woolite this is another very high effective pet stain and odor remover for carpet and You can use it to sanitize soft surfaces. It is able to remove tough pet stains permanently. It works on soft surfaces to eliminate allergens and it is all in one formula to cleans and sanitizes. it can be used in any room of the house daily on soft surfaces to keep the clean home from bacteria. The bacteria-killing rate is 99.9%. if you want to use it on a microfiber couch then you can use it with no problem. So you can go with this to keep clean your carpet from dog stain and remove odor.


  • Bacteria Killing Rate 99.9%
  • Able to eliminate pet odor from the source.
  • Work great to remove tough pet stains

Pet not only stay at home They run away around our home. If you have a garden then you maybe need this simple green outdoor odor remover for pets and dogs. Pet urine, stool, vomit, and other organic matter odors remove quickly. It is also safe for using grass, artificial turf, and brick. It made with powerful natural enzymes to abate pet stains and odor. There is no risk to use around pets and yards.


  • 1-gallon refill
  • 32 oz hose-end sprayer
  • Orally non-toxic formula
  • Safe for dog, yards, decks

The new multifunctional sprayer is the best spot carpet cleaners for pet stains and old urine. It can be used for tough dog and cat stains and it has unique pro bacteria and enzyme formula that eliminate odors. This can be the best pet carpet cleaner solution for your home.


  • 2x pro bacteria cleaning power
  • Remove stains and odors
  • Made in USA

If you think that regular pet carpet cleaners aren’t satisfying you then you might be interested in Stuart Pet Supply Co. Professional Strength Pet Odor Eliminator. It completely removes all pet stains and odors for urine, feces, vomit, and drools. This is multifunctional, you can use it on carpet, wood, furniture, rugs and also outdoor carpets. 


  • Light Scent
  • Multi  Usable
  • Made in the USA

Sometimes, we plan to shampoo our carpet. BISSELL Pet Stain & Odor Pretreat for Carpet work great. it also great for all water-safe surfaces. You can go with this if you also plan to deep clean your carpet for pet stains and dog urine odor removal.


  • Safe for carpet use.
  • Fresh scent

Final Verdict

I tried to give you an unbiased review of the best pet stain remover for a carpet cleaner. Those actually work great for pet stains and odor removing.

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