What is the Best Method for Cleaning Carpets?

Super guide for Best Method for Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning a carpet is not a puzzling task! We are going to learn about the best method for cleaning carpets.

You may purchase a carpet cleaning machine, but does not give you the desired result. Or, you may hire some people to clean the carpet but their activity really disappointed you.

These statements are a common phenomenon in the mouth of the people. To find these answers, just stick to the article, hopefully, you get your desired feedback.

The appearance of carpet enriches your house inside beauty. So, we have to give additional attention to keep the carpet clean.

3  Regarding Tips for Best Method for Cleaning Carpets

Ensuring Your Carpet Neat & Clean

  • Vacuum regularly- To ensure completely clean you have to move the vacuum cleaner more than once times.
  • Defend heavily-journeyed areas of the carpet- These areas you may use plastic protector mat to free from vacuuming every day.
  • Wash up spills right away- To soak the spill, you use a clean cloth or paper towel and sprinkle the baking powder on it. Then vacuum the place.
  • Using appropriate techniques for removing older stains- Do not scrub old wine or coffee stain as it is hard to clean. So, you have to spray vinegar lightly on the spot.

Waning Odor from Your Carpet

Vacuum the carpet- to keep the carpet odor-free; you have to vacuum the carpet first. Such as broom the carpet, loose the dirt, etc.

  1. Make an odor removal mixture-
  1. 1 cup borax (available at hardware stores)
  2. 2 cups cornmeal
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
    1. Treat stained or smelly areas with vinegar and water- You make a solution with half vinegar and water, then spray it the most affected area.
    2. Sprinkle the cornmeal mixture over the carpet
    3. Vacuum carpet again

Heavy Cleaning Your Carpet

  • Purchase or hire a carpet cleaning machine
  • Vacuum the carpet- before deep cleaning, you have to see whether the carpet is free from loose the dirt.
  • Pre-treat stained areas
  • Add water and cleaning solution to the machine
  • Plugin the machine and clean your carpet
  • Permission your carpet to dry

How can I clean my carpet without a shampooer?

Many people arise these questions which one is better. But I say them carpet cleaner powder is better than shampoo. Because Shampoo works tardy. On the other hand, Powder does a much better job. Whatever cleaner is used, make sure, you carefully read the instruction.

Authentic carpet cleaning products – You probably heard that many people use soda water or tonic water as a cleaning product to clean the coffee stains. Also, salt may substitute for wiping out dirt or soaking up fresh stains.

Conclusion – For cleaning light dirt, firstly, you fill-up the bottle with half vinegar and water and then spray it. You may use baking soda to clean stubborn stain over the vinegar treatment.

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