Top 7 Best Pet Stain Remover Machine for Carpets – Buyer’s Guide

Do you need a good carpet cleaner on the market but you have no idea how to find it? Do you want something durable, high-quality and simple? In this guide on the best pet stain remover machine, we will break down the top rated pet stain remover machine on the market.

All our picks are on price, performance and also on situations they can be used. We’ll be taking a look at products in every budget range as well, so regardless of whether you’ve got a tighter budget or enough, we’ll have an option for all of you. You will also get an idea about how to pick the right pet stain remover machine as well.

Our Top Pick - best pet stain remover for carpets

best pet stain remover for carpets

Hoover PowerDash Lightweight Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner –

  • PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll
  • HeatForce
  • Perfect for Pets
  • Small but Mighty
  • Compact Design
  • Dual Tank System
  • Removable Nozzle
  • Low Profile Foot

top 7 Best pet stain remover machine Reviews -Below

Cordless and portable- If you run into stubborn and nasty stains, this Bissell Pet Stain Eraser is a great option to choose. It is a handheld stain remover that can provide excellent performance on removing any stains no matter how tough it might be. As it is cordless, you can carry it around without having to be restricted in a certain area.

Very affordable – Are you looking for the best pet stain remover vacuum which is reliable and can cover all your needs? But you’re stuck on a tight budget? You might be willing to compromise but, you don’t need to! With this Hoover, you don’t have to as this budget carpet cleaner cost less than $130. The best part about it? It does not lack anything that might be other costly carpet stain removers has to offer!

Comes with a cleaning solution – Bissell Pet Stain Eraser offers some serious advantages as it comes with a Ready-to-use cleaning solution. But most importantly, it can clean not just pet stains but any tough stains you might get!


Affordable yet high quality – Bissell 36 24 spot clean, professional portable carpet cleaner the Best Portable Spot Cleaners for Carpet Stains you can get in this price range. It offers superb suction and professional-grade cleaning small. 

Can be used anywhere  – This Bissell 3624 SpotClean carpet cleaner can do almost anything you need. It will take out tight spots from carpets upholstery, car interiors, and even stairs as well. You can take out pets and other strains from anywhere. 

Portable  – It’s not that much of a small pet stain remover machine, but it is light enough to be anywhere. Bissel 3624 got a 5-foot long flex hose that enables you to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Great capacity tanks – The tank capacity is quite high as it got three-quarters of a gallon. So you can go and clean the entire house without having to worry about it refills.

Great for cleaning pet stains – Bissel 3624 is very suitable for cleaning those stains left by your pet in the house. Whether you have to clean up mud, paw prints, wine spills, or vomit, this little portable cleaner can handle it quite well.


Versatile carpet cleaner  – Bissell pro heat 2x carpet cleaner is one of the Best Carpet Spot Cleaners For Pet Stains for the money. If you’re looking for a two in one cleaner, this machine is what you need. It is a perfect pet stain remover machine that comes with both carpet cleaner and an upholstery cleaner as well. 

Easy to use  – Bissell Proheat 2X can remove stubborn stains off your carpet and also clean the upholstery items with quite an ease. But most importantly it is very simple to use, unlike many other cleaners at this price.

Wide range of use – You can use this to clean off stains from carpets, stairs, furniture, and even car interiors as well! Bissel pro heat is up for cleaning any a mess made by your beloved a pet. It is designed to make those messes our furry friends make more comfortable to clean.

Excellent features – The dual dirt lifter power brushes in this Bissel pro heat dig deep into carpet fibers to remove ground-in dirt. There is also heatwave technology included to maintain optimal water. 



SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner is a great choice and certainly among the best pet stain remover machines out there. It is good for cleaning different surfaces such as carpet or any other places. Most importantly, the price is under $150, so that makes it an excellent purchase for a pet stain remover machine for home!

Great tank capacity – SpotBot has a significantly larger tank capacity than most standard cleaners. So you won’t have to refill and empty it quite as often when it comes to cleaning a large area.

Two different cleaning modes – What makes the spotbot even more useful is that it comes with two modes for cleaning the stains. There is a deep clean mode there to remove old and tough stains. But there is also another mode for quickly cleaning fresh stains.


Very versatile cleaner  – Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner can be used for cleaning carpet fabric to even upholstery items as well. It can be used for cleaning the interiors of cars as well!

Great for cleaning pet stains – You can use this rug doctor cleaner to clean all the stairs, carpet to even your as well. It is designed to pick up and clean anywhere your pet leaves its mark. 

Affordable professional cleaner – Most professional-grade carpet cleaning machines will cost you no less than $400. Some can even go as much as $500 to $700 as well. But rug doctor is a one of a kind pet stain remover as you can get just under $150. But most importantly, when compared to other professional cleaners, it does not fall short a single bit with its superior cleaning capability!


Compact and affordable – Bissell turbo clean is small, compact and most importantly it is quite affordable. It’s one of the best pet stain remover machines for people who most need a carpet cleaner for the little messes their pets or kids make. If you don’t plan on using it for large areas, this BISSELL Turboclean can be a great option.

Lightweight – Bissel turbo clean does as good of a job cleaning carpets without having to get on your hands and knees hurt. because it’s light as it is only twelve pounds

Provides a deep cleaning – This best spot carpet cleaner spray for pet stains works with hot tap water. To start cleaning you need to push the trigger which sprays the solution onto the carpet. Whether you got a red wine vinegar, juice or even bacon grease on the carpet, it will not fail to clean it. 

Great tank capacity – The tank capacity of this Bissell turbo clean is half a gallon. But what is more impressive is that its smart tank system ensures filling and emptying. Te dual tank technology helps to separate clean and dirty water.


Professional grade pet stain remover machine – Hoover ONEPWR Blade can be considered as the Best spot carpet cleaners for pet stains and old urine despite the price. Hoover got some excellent pet stain carpet cleaners and spot clean machines that can be considered the most reliable. Hoover ONEPWR is no exception either

Powerful scrubbing – Hoover ONEPWR comes with MULTI-SURFACE BRUSH ROLL to scrub the fibers of your carpet from every angle. That’s how this carpet cleaner manages to handle even the toughest dirt in your carpet and other places.

Easy to carry around – This Best Portable Spot Cleaner from Hoover weighs less than 15 pounds. so it’s something anyone can use all around the house. You will be able to clean any stain with ease even if it is on the ceiling. But most importantly it’s cordless design lets you clean anywhere in the house or even outside the house.


Buying guide for best pet stain remover machine

It should have all the necessary accessories – First of all, make sure your best pet stain remover machine comes with the necessary accessories and attachments. It can make a big difference when it comes to cleaning pet stains from different places. 

Cleaning modes – Many pet stain remover machines come with different modes of cleaning. The quick cleaning mode can be very helpful if you’re in a hurry. The deep clean mode may take longer to dry but they offer an intense level of clean. 

Hose length – A pet stain remover machine with an extended hose is a good choice as it can help you cover a larger area. So do check whether your pet stain remover machine got enough length.

Some common Question for best carpet cleaner solution for pet stains

How does pet carpet cleaner work?

Pet carpet cleaners are just like regular vacuum cleaners. But one key difference is that they have very strong suction and can get into the fabrics of the carpets without causing any harm. That is why they are so good at cleaning pet stains off the carpet.

What is an enzymatic cleaner and how does it work?

Enzymatic cleaners are made up of bacterias that eat away dirt and stains. But there is no need to be alarmed about those bacterias as these are the good guys. They are useful and good for us as they help us to get rid of grease and stains much more easily and not harmful at all.

How do you get cat urine out of carpet?

Get some tissue paper, and your pet stain remover machine ready. But it’s important to remember that the sooner you act on any type of spillage the easier to get rid of. try to absorb as much of the urine as possible using tissue paper or a newspaper. Once the stain is dry, simply get the pet stain remover machine to the action!

What’s the best way to remove pet stains from carpet?

Not all carpet is created equal and there are different types of fabric used into different carpets. So before you use any pet stain remover solution, do test it out on a small portion of carpet instead of going all in. if it is a wet stain you want to use a paper or towels and blot up as much of the liquid as you can. But if the stain has been sitting there for a little while and it’s already dried up, what you can do is take a little bit of water and add a little bit of water to the stain to get it a little bit damp again. Then use paper towels and absorb it up.


Having a pet comes with lots of responsibilities. But the worst of them is certainly cleaning up the poops and urines. You can not keep those energetic little guys in one place so it’s likely to be spread all over the house, from carpets to the furniture.

That is why all the best pet stain remover machines featured here are versatile enough and they can remove pet stains from anywhere in your house!

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