Home Cleaning Tips – 7 Easy Tips That You Need to Know

You may don’t like to call home cleaner always or small tasks. There is a complete home cleaning tips guide that helps you to know how to clean a house fast and properly.

Cleaning home can seem daunting. Lots of time its because we tend to procrastinate, but most of the time, we feel clueless about what to do. Because cleaning up a big mess requires energy, both mental and physical.

Also, if you happen to be a pet parent, then I feel you! Pets like dogs or cats leave a lot of hair all around the house, so much, so people don’t feel like cleaning at all.

But that’s not a good thing to do, and we are here to help you with our best seven tips for keeping your home neat and clean. Also, we will feature quite a few handy Pet Hair and Hardwood Floor cleaning tools which can help to remove pet hairs easily from your floor, furniture, and clothes.

Lets’ continue for house cleaning tips

7 Home Cleaning tips - how to clean a house professionally

Get a humidifier

We all know humidifier and its great usage during the winter and more dryer season to keep our skin healthy and not get too dry or flaky. But did you know that you can use it to keep your house clean of pet hairs? It prevents the dog hair from floating around and circulates it out of the house.

Keep some dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are the absolute best way to get rid of pet hairs not just from your hardwood floor but from furniture and your clothes as well.

Use hand gloves

Rubber hand gloves can be a cheap but very effective way to clean off pet hairs from your hardwood floor and furniture as well. Make it wet with the water and go patting the surface or the furniture as you like.

Use baking soda as a scrubber.

Doesn’t feel like buying any chemical cleaner? Well, you can make your cleaning solution by using baking soda and warm water. You can use it virtually anywhere to clean around your house.

Use toothpaste to clean pencil marks from hardwood floor

Yes, you can use toothpaste to scrub off pencil marks off the hardwood floors!

Put talcum powder to stop the squeaking of the floor.

Isn’t it annoying when you want to go to the bathroom without waking up your partner, but they wake up regardless due to the annoying squeaking of the wooden floors? Well, it doesn’t have to be anymore. Put talcum powder or even baby powders to get rid annoying squeaks for good.

Use coca-cola for cleaning your toilet deeply.

Have a coca cola lying on the fridge and don’t feel like having it? Well then do use it to clean the ugly and hideous strains off the toilet.


A well-organized home is like a sanctuary for us poor souls because its the place we spend most of our time after work. Or if you are someone who works from home, keeping the house as tidy and clean, it becomes even more critical.

Because Nobody can feel good about them when they are living in a trashy environment, willingly or not. Utilizing even a few of our tips will help you feel less clueless and get started with cleaning.

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