How To Clean A Green Above Ground Pool In 5 Days Or Less

This is a comprehensive guide on how to clean a green above ground pool.

It needs to be clean and healthy where you swim often. Yes, I’m talking about your pool. It happens at least once or twice that your above ground pool turned into green.

There may be a few reasons for that. Perhaps you are on vacation and the pump stopped working or the timer broke and unfortunately you didn’t notice. Or probably there was terrible weather. Whatever the reasons it is, here we are going to know how to clean a green above ground pool within 5 days or less.

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How To Clean A Green Above Ground Pool - Follow the Steps

Behind the Reasons - A Pool Turns Green

The main culprit for becoming your pool green is algae. Millions and trillions of algae are hampering the water quality every day. Chemical imbalance then increases the density. By the way, enough chlorine protects the pool from growing algae. Below you will get the solutions of how to get rid of algae in the pool quickly.

Determine how much is your pool green

Sometimes typical pool cleaning such as shocking is not enough to get rid of the green. You may need to drain to pool and acid-washed. Instead of seeing green, your pool may look black. In this case, you should drain the pool and washed it with acid. It is cost-effective and if you have a question like how to clean a green pool fast, this is the answer for you.

How to Clean Above Ground Pool After Draining

We will do it by following the step by step guide. It is the fastest way and cost-effective too.

At first, you will have found out where you will dump the water. You need to see the around of your house or property if there are any places for water disposal. It will require enough sewage systems for draining the entire pool. Once you have chosen where to dump, start a siphon.

And then start draining the water and prepare the cleaning solution. You will require some chlorine bleach. Now you may ask how to clean a green pool with bleach. Okay, the procedure is, you will take water as much double as chlorine bleach. Remember that you should use hot water. Pick up a large sponge and soak it to the mixture. Rub the sponge on the infected area of the pool liner. It may take time if the dirt is thick.

You can use a clean towel and paper towels for wiping the pool liner. Ensure that there is no bleach left on the liner. Finally, refill the pool with water by following the procedure of your pool instructor.

How To Clean An Above Ground Pool That Has Been Sitting

When a pool is left unattended for a long time, the surface will begin to deteriorate. The solution to this problem entirely depends on the condition of your pool. If there is a lot of debris inside the pool, you may need to drain the water by following the above procedures. That might be a solution on how to clean an empty above ground pool with algae.

However, if the debris is not that much and the level of pH is in balance, follow the instructions below. The procedure is the same for Intex pool green algae.  

Step 1. Test the Water.

It is better to test both chlorine and pH level. If the chlorine level under 1ppm, the pool can lead to the growth of algae in the pool. But the main thing you need to test is the pH level. The specialist says a healthy level of pH is around 7.5. The lower the pH is, the better. You will find a lot of pH testing kits on the market. After testing if you see the pH level is high, you can use a sodium bisulfate to reduce it.

Step 2. Shock the Pool.

Now the time has come to shock your green above ground poo pool with granular chlorine. Chlorine is the best pool cleaner to kill the algae quickly. This method of adding a super shock liquid chlorine to water enables instantly to kill off most of the bacteria and algae.

Pool instructors give an estimate of how much chlorine you need a mix. Scientifically you need to chlorinate the water to 30 parts per million (ppm) to de-structure the DNA of algae.

Step 3. Pumping and Filtering the Pool

There is three types of filters you can follow.

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter: Backwash the DE filter and add fresh DE powder. After then shock the pool as explained above.
  • Sand Filter: Procedure is the same as DE filter but backwash time should contain five minutes.
  • Cartridge Filter: Make sure the Cartridge filter in good condition.

Step 4. Brushing and Filtration

You need to wait 24 hours of chemicals and circulation to see an amazing transformation. Your pool is not green anymore. By the way, if the pool still green, you need a lot of brushing and filtration for the next few days. It will help you to get rid of the green to clean.

Final Thoughts

You just read the procedure on how to clean a green above ground pool. The pool needs to be clean often. You can backwash once a month by DE filter.  A sand filter is also useful for backwash once every two weeks.

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