How to Clean and Maintain Laminate Floors | Step by Step Guide

A comprehensive guide on How to Clean and Maintain Laminate Floors

Laminate floor (a multi-layer synthetic flooring product mingled with a lamination process) needs special protection to obstruct from scratch or blot. But harsh cleaning makes a streak and clumsy. To keep the floor glare, you have to maintain a given crash tonic. Since our laminate floor is to be made of wood, so have to give special attention so that moisture cannot exist long times.

How to Clean and Maintain Laminate Floors -Read the Instruction:

Before cleaning your laminate floor, we have to follow the instruction. Many companies provide a guide, how to clean the laminate floor.

Regularly Sweep and Clean up Spills Immediately:

Though the laminate floor is scratch resistant but sometimes dirt, hair and debris create a scratch. So, you sweep the floor regularly with a soft brush. Do not allow liquid to sit on the floor long-lasting period. When the liquid spills on the floor, you immediately wipe it out. Also, you absorb extra liquid with a dry cloth.

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Clean the Laminate Floor with hot Water Simply Lukewarm – Since hot water may damage the coating of the floor, you have to keep the water mild hot. It is considered the best strategy for cleaning the floor because hot water wipes streaks out. Then you thoroughly mop the floor. Dry the floor or wipe it with a clean, dry, microfiber cloth.

The Mixture of Vinegar and Water – Pour 1/4 cup (60 ml) white vinegar into a 30 to 32 Oz (940 to 1000 ml) spray bottle. You can fill up the rest of the bottle with pure water. Then shake the bottle quite well. One thing you should remember that you do not spray the solution whole floor at once. When strews the solution at one portion of the floor, then immediately wipe it out with a damp terry or sponge mop.

A Solution with a Mild Detergent and Baby Shampoo – Stir 2 Tbsp (30 ml) of baby shampoo or mild liquid dish detergent into the hot water (that means more than lukewarm). Do not abrasive detergent or smelly baby shampoo because these may cause streaks or damage the floor. Then mingle soap and water with your hand until the bubbles commence to start. With a sponge mop, you have to wring the floor out until the moisture becomes vanish. Also, you have to wipe the floor from one side to the other.


Discarding problem stains – By means of window cleaner, you can remove the bloodstain. Just spray the window cleaner on to the blood stain and wipe it as soon as possible with a mildly damp cloth. You can remove the chewing gum with a plastic knife and then remove any residue with a dampened cloth.

A damp cloth helps you to wipe away soda, wine, crayon marks, or ink. For stubborn ink stain, you may use the detergent or ink remover.

Acetone nail polish remover helps you to wipe away nail polish, shoe polish, or tar off.


Basically, cleaning and maintaining the laminate floor is not tiresome work. Just follow some instructions. Now you get the idea of how to Clean and Maintain Laminate Floors. Thank you to read this article.

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