How to Hook Up Pool Vacuum to Intex Pump – Step By Step Guide

Definitely This is  a ultimate guide for How to Hook Up Pool Vacuum to Intex Pump.

If you got a thing for pools, then the Intex Pool vacuum is certainly something that you can opt-in for. I mean why not, no other above ground pool is as cost-effective as the Intex pools. There is no other alternative for the Intex pool.

Because you can not just have the right summer if you don’t have somewhere to chill, but there is one problem, although these Intex pools are going to make your summer much more relaxing and cheerful, you can not ignore the impending task to clean them.

For that, you also need to learn how to hook up pool vacuum to Intex pump, don’t you? If you don’t know to hook one, do check out our guide below!

Before you start – If you do not know how to hook up pool vacuum to Intex pump or not, you need to get these done before getting started. They will ensure a smooth operation and also help you to finish the task successfully.

how to hook up pool vacuum to Intex pump - Step By Step

The filter pump 

As for the starter, The filter pump. It needs to be worked at a flow of anything between 1600 and 3500 gallons (15.91 cubic meters) per hour. Why is that necessary? Because when you intend to Intex pool vacuum, a higher flow of filter pump is going to make your work much easier. 

Because when the water is flowing at such an incredible rate, it is way easier to wash away all the dirt and make it sparkle in your intext pool. But not only that, but it will also make sure your water stays fresh and does not get stale. So do concentrate on that!

Make sure the Sand filter is clean 

If your pool has a sand filter, then you need to confirm that the sand media is properly cleaned. And how do you do that? You are going to clean the sand filter by backwashing it first. But your work does not just stop after washing it. Right Before you connect the sand filter, keep the pump going for about 10-15 minutes. 

Tools you will need

Whether you are working on How To Vacuum Your Pool  Or just to a hook pool vacuum to an Intex pump, these things will come quite handy. Here are they in no particular order.

  • Pool vacuum head
  • Telescoping pole
  • Vacuum hose
  • Skim vac

How to hook up the pool vacuum to Intex pump

Step #1 – You must be well acquainted with the parts of the pools before getting started on hooking up and understand how to use the Intex pool vacuum. As for the beginning, you need to work with the hose and the outside spigot

Step #2 – Once you have adjusted the hose and the spigot and done with that, locate the telescoping pole. There should be two pieces, and you will insert them one another and then lock them together properly.

Step #3 – Now, as the previous step is done, proceed to align the vacuum head and the spring. You need to do that to make sure the tip of the plastic and the spring are squeezed properly to align with the vacuum head. This step is important, so proceed with care. 

As the vacuum head is aligned correctly and the shaft is inside the head, now you have to bring in the dirtbag. Properly attach it to the head and also tie it cautiously.

Step #4 – Now get the hose adapter nozzle attached with the vacuum head as well. Please attach it to the other side of the vacuum head. Make sure to clip the hose for the telescoping pole. Now get to the adapter nozzle and wind the hose. Locate the flat washer with the adapter and then go on to place it in the garden hose coupling.

Now you are all set to go for cleaning up dirt from your Intex pump!  But before you go bonkers with your vacuum head and want to destroy every last part of the dirt in your Intex pool, here is what you need to do. You will make sure the water output is appropriately adjusted. Otherwise, you will not have the necessary water pressure to clean the surface of your pool! 

Quick tips on hooking up the pool vacuum

  • If you find that there are sediments trapped in the filter cartridge, do clean it out
  • If you don’t have  a sand filter and using a net instead, make sure to clean it
  • Tighten the hose and attach it firmly to connector

Conclusion  – As you can see, attaching the pool vacuum to the Intex pump itself is not so difficult if you know what you are doing. But most people get stuck into it and end up being into a big mess.

So if you want to avoid doing that, you have to listen to us. You have to follow this guide on How to hook up pool vacuum to intex pump step by step. This way, you can make sure you dont get to swim into a dirty pool for this entire summer!

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