How to Clean Your Dirty Vacuum – Comprehensive Guide

Hope you will enjoy this guide on How to Clean Your Dirty Vacuum.

Sometimes the dirtiest things in the house are the things that we use to clean it. Constant exposure to dirt and grime can make the vacuum cleaner a breeding ground for disease and bad odors.

Though it might look daunting, cleaning the vacuum should not take long. There are a lot of parts to clean, but not all of them need to dealt with every time you spruce up your vacuum.

How to Clean Your Dirty Vacuum ( Require Attachment )

To clean your vacuum, there are a few tools that you will require:

  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Can of compressed air (optional)
  • A cleaning toothbrush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Pair of scissors
  • Garbage bag
  • Pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands

First, you get the overall idea. Then you get sequential process.

You have always done monthly maintenance on this machine to keep it running in tip-top shape, and it’s always performed beyond its expectations.

Make sure to empty the canister regularly. You can do this 2 ways. There’s the quick release button as well as removing the cap and taking out the filtration system. It’s best to ensure all contents are gone as to not cause overheating.

If you work on a lot of dusty projects and use this to clean up it is imperative that you disassemble the hoses to flush them with hot water and keep them clean.

Hair is easily tangled in the brush roll, but that’s a given, so just take a pair of scissors or a knife and start cutting them out. If you have long hair and with a house full of animals you do this monthly and it’s fine.

It seems to overheat if there is too much crap in the canister, or if the hose has a clog, so keep a watchful eye on what you’re vacuuming.

On a side note, you clean beach houses in the summer and you used to use a Dyson to do so. This machine doesn’t not only weighs less, but the suction is better and the tools are easier to get out and use. It is also easier to clean and disassemble.

The most effective, straightforward process is given below-

how to clean vacuum cleaner ( 5 Steps)

Disconnect  the electricity connection before starting to clean

To avoid risk, you should unplug the vacuum cleaner. After unplugging the vacuum cleaner, you can properly maintain without destroying the vacuum cleaner.

Step 1 – Empty Your Dirt Container

Before starting to clean, you should first empty the dirt container. You should remove the dirtbag for the bagged model. If you don’t perform this, they could scatter the dirt to other parts of the vacuum arising a lot of trouble.

Step 2 - Clean Your Filter (how to clean vacuum filter)

There are two types of filter such as washable and non-washable. You can wash the washable filter with water, soap and air dry. Then it is ready for setting up its slot.

If the filter is non-washable such as Hepa filter, you need a new filter to replace old one. Also, you need to read the user manual carefully of the vacuum cleaner.

Step 3 - Clean Attachments (how to clean vacuum attachments)

Many attachments such as nozzle come in direct contact with dirt. User manual tells us which attachments such as Crevice tool, gentle brush tools, and upholstery attachments, you can clean with water and which aren’t. You shouldn’t pour water into wiring attachment.

If the filter is non-washable such as Hepa filter, you need a new filter to replace old one. Also, you need to read the user manual carefully of the vacuum cleaner.

Step 4 - how to clean vacuum brush

Brush rolls sometimes tangle with hair and other dust. You need a pair of scissors to tangle free the brush roll.

Step 5 -cleaning inside of vacuum hose


Dust in the inner parts badly affects the vacuum cleaner operation. You can clean this area by creating air blow.

Following this process, you need extra attention if you have allergies or asthma.

If you follow this suggestion, hopefully, your vacuum cleaner work effectively and revive again.

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