How to Use Portable Vacuum – 10 Ways to Use

In this article, we show you How to Use Portable Vacuum

Though full-sized vacuums have always been recognized as the most powerful and effective, it has some limitation. These limitations create impede your smooth work. In that case, a portable vacuum cleaner is the right tool for the job.

Most of the standard vacuum cleaner does not maintain portability and maneuverability. This is an impediment that wants to clean hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces.

In this situation, a portable vacuum cleaner has emerged as a panacea. So, here is a list of the 10 places a portable vacuum cleaner can clean.

How to Use Portable Vacuum - 10 Ways 

Step 1 Tight Spaces 7 House Cleaning

Tight spaces are extended from under furniture, corners, crevices and even behind your electronics. Without scratching your house, thinner nozzles or crevice tool helps you to reach awkward places.

Step 2 – How to Use Portable Car Vacuum

Because of dimension and weight, a full-sized vacuum cannot get into your car. Super-portable handheld vacuums are perfect for the job. An upholstery tool works well on the seats and upholstered sections while the crevice tool will be ideal for tight areas like between the seats.

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Step 3 – Cleaning Pet Hair

A huge amount of pet hair is found in bedding, carpets, and upholstery. You need not any heavy, full-sized vacuum to clean in this area. Modern portable vacuums incorporate powerful technologies that work brilliantly on pet hair removal.

Step 4 – Cleaning Stairs

Since you have to lug it up and down the stairs, vacuuming the stairs with a full-sized vacuum is tiresome and cumbersome. Portable canister vacuums emerge with long hoses that are suitable for cleaning stairs.

Step 5 – Cleaning  Drapery And Upholstery

Most people do not pay attention that drapery and upholstery also absorb dirt. They focus only on vacuuming their floors. Since your full-sized vacuum is useless, you need to consider investing in a portable vacuum.

These come with unique tools for each type of cleaning chore. The upholstery tool and dusting brushes can be used for cleaning both upholstery and drapery.

Step 6 – Cleaning Air Vents

Air conditioner and ceiling fan vents control the flow of air into and out of the house. This makes them tend to attract dust and fine dirt particles.

Using your portable vacuum cleaner and a dusting brush tool, you will be able to get rid of the dust and dirt on these vents before it harms the motor or spreads back into the air.

Step 7 – Cleaning Ceiling Fans And Lighting

Ceiling fans and lighting also seize dust from the atmosphere. By dusting brush tool, you can clean the blades of the ceiling fans. You can also clean the chandeliers, lampshades and other forms of lighting by using the dusting brush tool.

Step 8 – Quick Messes

Portable vacuums are usually bought with a quick cleanup of messes in mind. Due to the quality of compact, lighter and easy to use, a portable hand vac or stick vac will be a huge help in the kitchen.

Step 9 – Cleaning Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances produce sound or heat that creates static waves around them, attracting dust and fine airborne dirt. By restoring cleanliness and hygiene and vacuuming regularly, dusting brush help you

Step 10 – Cleaning Cabinets And Drawers

Your portable vacuum cleaner is able to get into most cabinets and drawers.

For tight spots such as corners, you can use the crevice tool while the other parts can be vacuumed using the dusting brush tool. Most people believe in cleaning only on the floor. This is a mistake.

A portable vacuum cleaner makes it possible to clean all areas above the floors, giving you the chance to enjoy a clean and hygienic atmosphere all over your home.

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